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  1. Nate Natty's DOHC Project

    New Members Forum
    Well I have decided that I'm doing the Dohc head swap. I've been reading up on this project for about a month or two now and I have a good idea of whats going on. I bought my eclipse in august of 2013 because I needed something to work on, and i figured it would be a nice first car to fix up...
  2. Junkyard/Salvage Yard Help

    New Members Forum
    Hey guys new member here needing some help. So I have an auto 2000 eclipse Rs 2.4L bone stock engine that just blew the head gasket (and possibly more?) I am planning to make a trip to the junk yard here soon and I have a few Q's. Because I am very broke and this is my daily I am trying to do...
  3. Looking for 2.4 cylinder block or whole engine maybe.

    I was sold 3G with a bad 2.4 SOHC engine, I got the heads machined, all gaskets changed, new pistons, only to learn the block is warped too, so I am looking for one. I am in San Diego, and I am wiling to drive a couple of hundred miles to pick it up, if the price is right. Or if you have a...
  4. WTB Stock Infinity Radio or decent aftermarket with wires

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Hey Guys, My Stock infinity radio is crapping out on me :( I'm looking to buy a replacement stock radio. WITH CODE!!!! I am most interested in the tape function and radio function. I would like to finally be able to play cds in my car, but if it is a CD/Radio only then i am not interested...
  5. Issue with head maybe or vacuum leak???

    Problem Reports
    Hey guys, hopefully someone can help me on this. I did search for the similar problem but have not found any forum that helps so I am posting this. I completely understand about the whole search thing because trust me that annoys me as well. This is my very first post in club3g so hurray!
  6. FS: 2.4 Head, Intake, Injectors and Much More

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    FS: 2.4 Intake, Rear GT Calipers, Drive Shaft and More I have several parts that I am trying to clear out, I want it all gone. All 3G eclipse parts have about 23k miles and in great shape. 2.4L Intake Manifold $125 Shipped Door Handles $10 Shipped each Cruise Control Pump $25 Shipped Door...