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  1. 3G Eclipse General Discussion
    I recently bought a 2000 eclipse gt and have a few electrical problems I’m assuming it has to do with a few fuses but I don’t have a diagram for my fuse box. Any PDF’s out there please and thanks.
  2. Restored Head Lights & Custom Fabricated Grille

    Restored Head Lights & Custom Fabricated Grille

    Restored my head lights. Bought some gutter guard for $6 and fabricated a grille to help protect the radiator.
  3. Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Hey guys, cleaning out my storage closet and found this brand new set of headlights I bought before I sold my 3g, so here I am. :) I really miss my 3g's lol and hopefully someday I'll have another, but oh well. Back on topic, these are brand new and are literally flawless no scratches or scuffs...
  4. 3G Eclipse General Discussion
    Hi guys, just bought a 2000 3g GS, and I am looking to put aftermarket headlights in as mine are REALLY fogged. But I can't seem to find a good place to buy them, as in my area, I can't find a single shop that sells aftermarket assemblies. So I guess I am asking for suggestions on headlights...
  5. Show and Shine
    Ive recently ordered some new aftermarket Spec-D Headlights from a vendor off ebay. I know it is marketed as plug'n'play but Ive heard there has to be some wiring done so the halos stay lit when the car is on without the bumper lights being on as well. Could anyone tell me or link me to a...
  6. New Members Forum
    So I have a 2000 Eclipse GT and I replaced the turn signal switch about five months ago because the headlights were staying on all the time. I thought the problem was fixed until a couple weeks ago when the lights started turning off when I turned my right blinker on. The lights flick back on...
  7. Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Car Bra: Full Leather fits 00-02 eclipse, only used once. $50 shipped US:SOLD Stock Headlights: Mostly clean, all tabs are good, slight fading, comes with new bulbs in them. $40 Shipped US (Price negotiable) PM if interested. thanks can take better pictures if needed, lighting was a little...
  8. New Members Forum
    I have a 2000 eclipse gt and when driving with low beams and fog lights everything works fine however when I switch to highbeams my fog lights turn off as they should and the highbeam indicator comes on yet the lights dim so bad you cant see anything they don't go out just incredibly dim any ideas?
  9. New Members Forum
    Hi guys I'm 17 and I have a 02 gs as my car and my head lights are stock and pretty beat up, I don't need anything amazing but I want to have some Nice head lights. Looking to spend anywhere from 100-175, any ideas on what I can do? Not looking to do anything drastic like HID kits either (...
  10. Good Guys/ Bad Guys
    This is a long story so sit back and relax. Back on Feb 27 2013, I placed an order with JM Auto Racing for a set of their dual Halo headlights, the black ones with no LEDs or anything in them. Upon receiving them they fogged up, so I contacted JM and they gave me a few things to try in order to...
  11. Problem Reports
    I just recently purchased an 01 Eclipse 2.4l and had headlight issues only the brights work. After looking into it I realized the guy I bought it from completely ghetto rigged the headlight and fog light wiring and I desperately need a diagram of the whole system so that I can rewire my...
  12. Problem Reports
    I've searched and didn't find anything relevant to my question. How do you adjust the projectors on the dual halo headlights??? I've looked all over the headlights and can not find anything. MUCH HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED. Thanks
  13. New Members Forum
    So I installed HID's in my aftermarket projector headlights, and the beam is terrible. There are big lines and circles all in the beam. I'm not gonna lie, i got the HID's super cheap so that might be why. (6,000k) But any advice about what to do would be appreciated! New user so hope this helps...
  14. Problem Reports
    I have a 2003 Eclipse GT with HID headlights installed. I am noticing a strange issue with the headlights that I cannot seem to figure out (I am not very experienced with cars in general to be fair). When I have my low beams on, it is clear that my right headlight is much brighter than my left...
  15. Car Audio and Electronics
    I bought some CCFL Halo's off of Ebay through Spyder Auto that once I started setting up the wiring found out the company pretty much fucks you because of wire sizes. So now I have no Halo's just Angel eyes lows/regular high beams. Does anyone know of a good company that does CCFL's that are...
  16. Problem Reports
    I have a 2000 Eclipse GS and periodically my headlights will flash the high beams whenever either the driver's or passenger's door opens. I don't have keyless entry and I've tried disabling the alarm system by turning the key twice to the right when unlocking the car. Nothing stops it. Even when...
  17. Show and Shine
    what do you guys think of these headlights, with 6000k HID? has anyone delt with this website before? thanks in advance.. Mitsubishi Eclipse 00-05 CCFL Projector Headlights - Black with HID Kit
  18. New Members Forum
    Whenever I first purchased my eclipse I noticed that the low beams were exceptionally dim compared to my high beams. So I went out and purchased new headlight bulbs and had one of my friends replace the wiring harnesses and I installed the new bulbs only to be disappointed by the same result. I...
  19. Problem Reports
    hello, i have a 2000 eclipse gt, the problem is that the highbeams start flashing out of no where even when the car is off, is there any way to fix it, so far i just took out the relay to it. thanks for the help
  20. Automotive For Sale / Wanted
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