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  1. Engine Management Tuning
    Have anyone has remove the parameters from the ECU. OK.. to be more specific I am using Evoscan to log my rides. the maximum amount of load that reads its 103. I need to expand this for a better tunnig .
  2. New Member Introductions
    MY 03 eclipse gts has a broken rear window. Everywhere i go i cant find one that is for one with a rear wiper. Why does it matter that mine has a rear wiper? The wiper is not in the window its just next to it. can anyone help?
  3. Problem Reports
    on my actron reader im have many codes HELP!!!! they are 431 warm up catalyst below threshold bank2 po 421warm up catalyst below threshold bank1 po401 egr flow insufficient po506 idle cntrlsys rpm below expected i clean all the carbon out! my egr is working i done the test. I thinking its my...
  4. Problem Reports
    Every time I look for information on this car, it seems you guys have the best responses. So I made a profile because I have this annoying issue with my stock car alarm. When I open the driver side door the alarm go's off blinking the headlights. If I go inside the car, and turn the key, the...
1-4 of 10 Results