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  1. Problem Reports
    So I have a 2003 Eclipse with the V6 engine and I recently tried to replace the leaky valve cover gasket. First try at it I warped my cover (Front bank aluminum side) & made the leak worse. Got a new valve cover and then replaced the gasket yet again being more careful. Still leaks. Removed it a...
  2. New Members Forum
    hi everyone i am new here and i just finished putting my engine back together after replacing two piston rods, but now i have a bigger problem, after the car started and was working well for about 1 mile smoke started to poor out of the dashboard, some ground wires coming from the crank position...
  3. Problem Reports
    Im pulling my hair out about this. CANT ANYONE HELP ME! i just replace the throttle body gasket ,spark plug and wire,alternator egr vacuum sensor ,uppper intake gasket, valve covers, battery the check engine light off but came back on :mecry2: it has all the sign of my erg mess up like acting up...
  4. New Members Forum
    i need some really quick advice, i'm about to buy this and i just want some last minute clarifications. which one of these packages should i buy? dont tell me how there not good i just want to know which one would be better... running a JVC Arsenal KD-A725 deck: 2000W Kenwood Performance 10"...
  5. New Members Forum
    Okay long story short I needed a car for college 6 hours away from home, a friend of a friend had a 2000 GT (Auto, silver). I was able to talk her down to $1500 since it looked a little rough even though it drove great. After I had the title switched I saw that it was a salvage/rebuild and so I...
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    Im Stupid
  7. Problem Reports
    So i have to replace my water pump on my 03 eclipse spyder GT does anyone have any helpful hints because it looks like it is not going to be fun.
  8. Problem Reports
    I have an 2001 Spyder GT and the battery died. It has a stock infinity 4 disc/tape player, no mods. I have read multiple Q&A's about how to reset the radio and they have not worked for me. I have the unlock code but my problem is that the head unit will not turn on at all. I can load and...
1-8 of 10 Results