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  1. Problem Reports
    on my actron reader im have many codes HELP!!!! they are 431 warm up catalyst below threshold bank2 po 421warm up catalyst below threshold bank1 po401 egr flow insufficient po506 idle cntrlsys rpm below expected i clean all the carbon out! my egr is working i done the test. I thinking its my...
  2. Problem Reports
    Im pulling my hair out about this. CANT ANYONE HELP ME! i just replace the throttle body gasket ,spark plug and wire,alternator egr vacuum sensor ,uppper intake gasket, valve covers, battery the check engine light off but came back on :mecry2: it has all the sign of my erg mess up like acting up...
  3. New Members Forum
    hey club3g fans i am new to the site i am a driver of a 2000 eclipse and needing help with the site and how everything here works thanks for yalls help
1-3 of 4 Results