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  1. Test Pipe vs headers vs Stock

    Eclipse Performance
    READ EDIT FIRST Okay, so by now, everyone is aware that headers for the v6 do little in terms of performance, and its not even really the headers that cause this, but its because you are removing the stock restrictive pre-cats and cats. Question being, if headers aren't really an option...
  2. 2000 5 Speed Engine

    3G Eclipse General Discussion
    Just picked up a 2000 5 Speed v6 and the engine currently in it has 200,000+ on it same with the tranny. I plan on pulling the old motor out and swapping it with a new one that I can mod out (headers turbo cams etc etc) but I'm not sure what engine to get or if I should just get another stock...
  3. $2000 Suggestions.

    New Members Forum
    Hey guys, new member here and am glad I found this site. It's good to have a forum community with helpful and knowledgeable members to spread and share information about our cars. Just some information about mine: 2001 Eclipse GT AT (125,000 miles) Injen Catback Exhaust Injen Short Ram Intake...
  4. Aftermarket exhaust

    Parts Reviews & Opinions
    I have an '01 Spyder GT 5-Speed. I'm looking to put a bit of work into it: new paint, cold air intake, new rims, new lights, possibly underglow, and, most importantly, new exhaust. I would really like to put true dual exhaust on it simply because few have it and I want the little bump in...