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  1. A Number of Small Issues After Pulling and Reinstalling Drivetrain

    3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    Hey guys, never posted here before as I've never encountered an issue I can't solve on my own so far. Little bit of info about the car, I have an 05 GT Spyder thats been manual swapped, I used the auto harness and ecu, did the ol' hack the auto trans shift plug to fool the ecu into thinking its...
  2. Extra Connection Clip Behind Radio! What is it?

    Car Audio and Electronics
    I just got done with my regular bulb to LED conversion swap when I noticed that there was an extra clip just hanging there behind the radio. Can anyone tell me what it is? (White, Red, Orange, and Black wires are on this harness). I have checked the HVAC for open ports and still nothing. I'm...
  3. Relocate HVAC / Climate Control module - HU in its place

    Car Audio and Electronics
    I have yet to see a picture or thread on this so I didn't know if it was possible. I am here to tell you that it is, and that it is easy. I relocated the HVAC controls up one din so my radio controls would be at easy reach while resting my hand on the shifter. It's almost exactly how nice it was...
  4. Air Conditioning problem

    Problem Reports
    Hi! I have a problem with the Air Conditioning on my car.. its kinda weird. So when I drive the car hot air comes out of the air vents really, really hot air :o and the AC is off not on, and when I stop on a red light or stop sign the hot air stops coming out. The hot air only comes out of the...