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  1. i have an idea and i want to c if anyone can shoot it down

    what if you hook a small compressor with a tank and regurlator on it that you could fill up the tank so its not running when you are taking off, so it sould give you max boost from the very begining should it not?
  2. LED tips and innovative ideas!!

    Car Audio and Electronics
    Hello! New to the club but I've been browsing the site since I just recently got (and fell in love with) my eclipse. But yeah, I recently started reading up on LEDs and simple electronics so I could ad some cool lighting effects to my girl. Thus far it's only been the basics, under the dash in...
  3. Recommendations for mounting front license plate.

    Show and Shine
    Okay, so I need some help mounting my license plate. I got pulled over but I don't want to put the license plate where it used to be. Instead, I want to mount it in between the fog lights inside of the mouth but I'm not sure how far back i should mount it. Should I put the license plate close to...
  4. Newbie Needs Help

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    :wavey: lol Okay please dont make fun of me i already know im a noob... Anyways I have an 04 Eclipse GTS and I just bought one of those big aluminum spoilers... my question is how do you get off the plastic on the hatch to drill holes to mount the spoiler. So You guys don't think im just some...
  5. Im getting around $400 next month...

    im obvioiusly gonna put it into my eclipse but i want to get stuff for the engine and i was thinking of getting a catback exhaust but if anyone else has any better ideas please let me know