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  1. I need A LOT of help.

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    Coupe 2001 eclipse GT 189,000 miles Automatic Transition, but can be driven "slap shift" I just purchased a 2001 eclipse GT since I needed a car pretty bad and took it to Autozone and now I've got a lot of codes and no clue what they mean. I have P0172 and P0175 saying that all of my cylinders...
  2. help please

    Problem Reports
    Let me start out by saying I am sorry for previous thread. I'm the mother of a 1 yr old who was sick and teething at the time with a car I can get inspected do to it throwing codes. Problems are as listed below: 1) when it was idling it was missin really bad clean k&n type filter really good...
  3. Car in indle shuts off.. HELP

    Problem Reports
    When I have my Mitsubishi Eclipse 2000 in idle for too long, it shuts off. I don't know if it has something to do with the engine mounts being too small because the car sometimes shakes when idling. Also my car has auto start & will sometimes turn on by itself, could these problems be related...
  4. Idle Problem

    Eclipse Performance
    I just installed a X-Tune cold air intake i bought from ebay on my 2003 Eclipse RS. it came with a piece of crap for a filter so im buying an AEM dryflow filter for it. After the installation i started my car and my car idles around 700rpm then drops to 500rpm and stutters back and forth. Does...
  5. Very bad idling problem.

    Problem Reports
    YEAR: 2002 SUBMODEL: GT TRANSMISSION: Sportronic MILES: About 116,000 PROBLEM: The car idles extremely roughly, occassionally dying as well. Check Engine light recently came on, and I took it to a mechanic to run the code. He said it was the EGR, and after reading up on it a bit, it...