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  1. No crank blowing ignition fuse when attempting crank

    Problem Reports
    I've searched the forum for a few days and not necessarily finding a clear solution. With that said, I have a 2003 gs manual with 167,xxx on it. The issue I am having is a no crank issue. I will turn the key and if I hold the key turned for more than roughly 5 seconds, the ignition fuse will...
  2. GT Ignition Coil Location?

    Problem Reports
    I'm working on troubleshooting the ignition system of my 2001 GT. I have been looking and looking both on the car and online as to where the ignition coil or coil packs are. Can anyone help me out? Or is the coil inside the distributor?
  3. Ignition issues need Help!!!!

    New Members Forum
    :wavey: I'm new to this forum but had I've had my eclipse for 10 yrs, lately I've had this problem that I just cant figure out why its happening :scratch:. every time I reach 80 mph I short out my (Ignition Failure sensor) abd the car just does not turn on until I replace it would anybody know...
  4. Air intake or ignition?

    3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    So I was debating on what part I want to put on my 2000 Eclipse Gt next for an inexpensive power gain. I have narrowed it down to either a new air intake (most likely a short ram) or some new parts for my ignition. I do not know a lot about ignitions but I know it could help. This is where I...
  5. starting issues

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    im working on my sisters 03 eclipse with the 4 cyclinder she was driving it and stopped at a light and it died wont start since ive checked all fuses relays replaced fuel pump checked for ignition and the only think i can tell is the rocker arms ect not moving under valve cover does this mean...
  6. Steering wheel wont unlock?

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    So i just recently got a new ignition for my 2002 eclipse gt because the other one was locking the key in. well after that was all said and done, i go to changing my front brakes tonight. after im done i go in the car pump the brakes and go to turn the wheel. Wont turn, but i can still start...
  7. What could be wrong 02 eclipse gt. Help

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    Hi i have a 2002 eclipse gt. The car was working fine, but I desided to change the voulve cover gaskets and accidentally pulled the cables from injectors 1,2,3. They came off the plug. I didn't notice this, and started d engine, I noticed it was working bad. So I went n look and I saw the...
  8. Ignition Harness on the E-Manage Help

    Has anyone installed the e-manage on a Sporty GT yet? I'm having serious issues with my timing signal, and I'm doing my best to isolate it when I have time to look at it but right now it is just bypassing the e-manage right now. What ends up happening is that when my timing wire is spliced...