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  1. 03 eclipse please

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    I bought a 2003 eclipse gs 2.4 liter 4cyl auto from a friend because i was in need of a car. Its 180xxx miles and ran good up until the other night someone got into the car and burgled it. There was no damage other than a wiring harness pulled off its bracket and was just hanging down. I did...
  2. 2001 gt manual wont start, how to tell if the problem is the ecu?

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    I have a 2001 gt manual transmission 142k miles. I was driving on the highway when suddenly i couldn't accelerate until the car stopped and it wont turn back on. when i turn the key to the on position, the lights come on and all the accessories work but the car won't start. i replaced the fuel...
  3. 2001 gt electrical hell

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    So car will start and run for about 20 min Then shuts off.. dead. Go to fire it back up and acts like immobilizer shuts it down. I have gotten new immobilizer and ecu set even got a keyes coder to reprogram keys. But now when I hook key coder and obd up it says ecu is disconnected. We have went...
  4. Immobilizer Questions

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    2002 Eclipse 2.4 Automatic I think I have a problem, not sure yet, but pretty sure it's the key chip or the sensor that picks up the chip, it's like it's on it's way out, car runs for a little while then shuts off and a blue light comes on with the red lights on the dash and I hear clicking...
  5. Immobilizer and replacement key

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    Long story short, lost my original key and aftermarket alarm transmitter, had to use my Ace Hardware replacement key (which was programmed to the car when I had it made a year ago), had to disable to aftermarket Viper alarm, but I haven't been able to get it started. It cranks though and I get...
  6. Immobilizer Problem

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    Hey guys! I have a '00 Eclipse GT and I have the immobilizer/anti-theft system, when i first purchased the car the immobilizer always activated (shows green symbol of car with key in it) and now for some reason when I lock my car using my keyless entry or even the lock switch on the drivers...
  7. Bad ECU?

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    Bad ECM? :dunno: I have an 01 gt with a stick. The only mods I have are an cai and exhaust, both have been on the car for about 5 years. Recently I have been having problems starting the car ( it cranks but doesn't start) in the mornings when it was kind of cold out(~35 or 40) and when it...