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  1. FS: complete 7 spkr infinity system w/amp 4 sale

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    gonna finish my swap today removed my 7 speaker infinity system including amp, all 100% working... i wanted to upgrade, something i've wanted to do for years, finally got me some kicker 6x9, 6.5, 4", & 1" tweets.... on a jbl 4ch amp, also have my two R12s on a PA 1600w amp in the rear... long...
  2. JBL GTO speakers with the Infinity system?

    Car Audio and Electronics
    Hey there, i need some advice. I've got 2 blown speakers that i want to replace, and i was looking at the gto 638 and 938 to put in their place. I'm on a pretty tight budget so replacing the HU and stock amp are really not an option. Has anyone used these speakers with the infinity? Also if you...
  3. Hello i Have a radio Problem.

    New Members Forum
    Hello i have a 2003 gts v6 I"ve had it for about a year now. Since I've had it the radio always worked(Stock Infinity) the CD never worked didn't care cause i don't use cds. Recently all of a sudden my radio started cutting off, it cuts off for about 5-8 secs and comes back for about the same...
  4. 2003 Eclipse GTS Infinity AUX input

    Car Audio and Electronics
    I know that this has been discussed and I did multiple searches and I could not find a straight answer on the subject and all the threads I saw about this were from years back. Can someone please give me a straight answer on this. I have a 2003 Eclipse GTS with the Infinity 6 disc headunit. Is...
  5. Mitah Adapter + Wiring harness for many Mitsubishi Cars

    3G Eclipse General Discussion
    Hey all, i had so much trouble getting my Dvd player going in my car. I did hours of searching how so I'm just starting a thread for the Mitah Adapter and wiring harness. Here's the link to the stuff. Metra 70-7003 Radio Wiring Harness for Mitsubishi Amp Integr: Car Electronics It...
  6. infinity sound system HELP!

    Car Audio and Electronics
    Hey there, So Im having a huge problem figuring out how to install an after market stereo into my mitsubishi eclipse 2003. It has the factory INFINITY sound system. Im curious if anyone knows where I can buy the wires, online or in store.
  7. stock infinity HU

    New Members Forum
    so without searching threw a million threads if someone can point me in the right directions of what to type in or help me out. My sound system is all stock, 6 cd changer infinity... there's power to the radio because i can eject cd's but nothing more than that. it wont let me turn it on/off or...
  8. WTB Stock Infinity Radio or decent aftermarket with wires

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Hey Guys, My Stock infinity radio is crapping out on me :( I'm looking to buy a replacement stock radio. WITH CODE!!!! I am most interested in the tape function and radio function. I would like to finally be able to play cds in my car, but if it is a CD/Radio only then i am not interested...
  9. wtb: stock infinity amp

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    I am looking for an operational stock infinity amp for my 2001 spyder. I am not positive of what year models have the amps so if you have one for a 3g let me know and I will look up if it will work in mine.
  10. Aftermarket HU w/ subs and infinity system

    Car Audio and Electronics
    I have been searching for a month now (since i tried wiring in my subs with a converter and nothing happened) for a way to hook up subs to a 2001 eclipse with the infinity system, 4 disc changer, and tape player. I've tried line-out converters and i cant get any signal through them. I tapped...
  11. WTB factory Infinity Amplifier

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Looking to buy a stock Infinity Amplifier to replace my wet one. Message me if you have one for sale and list your price. I'd also like to see pictures before buying. Thanks