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injector harness

  1. injector 3 and 4 not pulsing 2.4l

    Problem Reports
    backstory: 2002 rs 200k a/t injector 3 and 4 arent pulsing, injectors are clean, im thinking injector harness, maybe bad ground or ecu or something, did light test and some research, i know the ground isnt constant but the light is on constantly for injector 3 and 4 (from left to right) im stuck...
  2. eManage Injector Harness - How do I hook it up?

    I got the injector harness in the mail yesterday (alongside the pocketlogger), and I can seem to figure out how to hook this thing up. I've already soldered in all the wires from the original harness, now I just need to get the injector harness squared away. Is the harness supposed to splice...