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  1. Need Head/Turbo opinions!

    Need help and opinions, going for a money save/still power route, I believe now for sure I want to buy a 4g63 6 bolt *evo4*head and swap it onto my RS eclipse. Then I want to turbo it but would the tubes I'm looking for be the evo stock turbo or eclipse turbo? Need advice and stories, I've...
  2. Need part name and help!

    Okay I had recently got a pair of coilovers and after hours of struggling with rust on the front got the front ones on. Moving on to the rear because everyone stated the rear would be easy... Wrong. My problem is after countless hours of having to scrap the rubber grommet from the strut to get...
  3. HOW TO: Install Low-Impedence Injectors (DSM Injectors)

    note: Voodoo supplied me with the information on how to do this on my build. I'm simpy relaying it onto here for the convenience of the community. The walk-through is based on my personal experience. You will need: -Low-impedence injectors -Injector clips -Resistor pack -Wire cutters/strippers...
  4. Need help installing dome light

    Show and Shine
    Hey everyone, I would like to start by saying that I've used the search button (a lot) so at least give me a little bit of slack :p. I'm not looking to replace the dome light (rear view mirror in my car) bulbs, but to literally install a new dome light. The car is pretty dark on the inside...
  5. Experienced turbo installers

    New Members Forum
    Hi im andy im almost done saving money for all stuff i need to turbo my car and pay for installation. I dont doubt i would be able to do it myself with enough time and research but thats the thing i dont have the time and really dont wanna get into it. Im looking for someone to install a turbo...
  6. Bypassing a factory amp for speakers

    when i bought my car the head unit was fried and needed a new one here are some helpful hints have a few more pics any questions let me know
  7. Is a fuel management sytem needed to install headers?

    3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    I am getting ready to install a new set of headers and i had read that I need an safc or greddy e-manage system installed with the headers so that my 3g doesnt throw an SES light and go into limp mode... I really want to get these headers installed, so i need to know what all I must have to...
  8. My SDS Install Documentary

    Hey guys, i just figured i would post a little journal of my sds install for everyone looking to get the SDS who want to know what its like to install it and what to look out for. Noone else has really done it extensively, i think. Im 18years old, from the NJ shore , with minor experience with...
  9. New SDS install drama!! Broke my belt tensioner! YAY!!

    Well, I finally got everything installed today once I got the new fuel pump from RIPP. I've read time and time again on this forum and on the RIPP forum that the SDS belt has to be pretty freaking tight, so that you can turn the belt no more than 60 degrees between the crank pulley and the AC...