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  1. Installing HID Fogs in my '02 Spyder

    Car Audio and Electronics
    Hi, This is my first post on club 3g, and after awhile of trying to remember High School math I finally found out the derivative of x^2... hahhaa. Anyways, I'm putting JLM 6000k HID's in my eclipse Headlights and Foglights. Before I went all out doing it, I was wondering if there's anything...
  2. Need Audio Installation Help

    Car Audio and Electronics
    Hey i just got my 01 Eclipse GT and want to install an audio system in it myself and am nearly completed... The only thing I'm stuck with is where to drill through the firewall.. I need to get the Rockford 4AWG amp wire from my battery back to my trunk which means it has to go through the...
  3. Discussion on 3G Eclipse Axle's

    Problem Reports
    I bought my 3G GT not even a year ago and the old owner had the car lowered. Since then i've been wasting my money fixing a ton of mechanical issues with the car. First of all I broke an axle and they tried telling me it was the tranny that went out on me, so i told the dealership to replace the...
  4. How many hours to install NX wet kit?

    How many hours should it take a shop to install a NX wet kit on a GT? This would include; Purge kit Bottle heater WOT switch Bottle opener MSD digital window switch You get the idea, I got "the works" Thanks!
  5. Zex Wet Kit installation help please

    I bought a used Zex 55,65,75 wet kit and have a question regarding the fuel tap and the purge kit install. Pretty sure some of the original fittings etc are missing. Anyhow I hooked it all up on my floor to see what all is there. The T was on the purple extension when I got it but I'm not...
  6. Nitrous Hose: Routed How?

    Ran a search and came up with squat... I just ran my nitrous hose from my trunk (through drain plug), under the car, and into the engine bay. Unfortunately, I couldn't seem to find a good looking path to follow for the hose. The underside of the car seemed to be powder-coated or covered with...

    I just got through installing the SDS and it cranked over and actually ran!!!!!!!!!!! I still have to install the fuel pump, but I just cranked it to make sure it was running good BEFORE I install the fuel pump, so If I have any problems, I'll know its the fuel pump install. A BIG thank...
  8. Gonna need input...

    Finaly, In about 2-3 months im going to get the 5psi AAI turbo from johnny's group buy deal. IM most likely going to be putting in on myself, plus maybe few friends, b/c i've read up that its a pretty straight foward install. I guess i would like you guys to give me some pointers, on where i...
  9. Just bought stage 2 SDS! HAVE SOME INSTALL QUESTIONS!!!

    Okay, I got my supercharger kit in, and all I can say is that the instructions SUCK!!! Here are some questions I have that are not covered in the instructions. 1. Where does the new honeycomb go? Does it replace the stock one in the MAS? 2. The 2bar MAP sensor.....where does this go...
  10. SDS Installation

    I'm performing an SDS installation sometime next month on one of the 3G GTs down here in CFL. I wanted to know from you guys, is there anything else I need to buy to prepare for this installation ahead of time that I would not need for a turbo install? The SDS install seems pretty straight...
  11. Boost gauge help?

    Where exactly do you have to T-off the hose from?