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  1. WTB: Diamante Intake Manifold

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    So I'm wondering if anyone out in 3G world happens to possibly have a Diamante Upper Intake Manifold w/ possibly accessories that are needed anyway that would fit my 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GT v6 MT? I've definitely done some looking but haven't had much success. Thanks a bunch in advance.
  2. White Steam From Back Of Upper Intake Manifold

    Problem Reports
    I have a 2003 Eclipse Spyder GT 6 cyl 3.0L with VIC, I recently replaced the rear valve cover gaskets, spark plugs, and spark plug wires and while I was back there I replaced the upper intake manifold gasket. After I put everything back together I noticed I had a vacuum leak on the left side of...
  3. 01 GT Overheating Exhaust Smoke Problems

    Problem Reports
    Hey guys! So Ive been lurking around reading posts about the overheating on my car being associated with a combo of gaskets, lines, and/or water pump. Still not finally pinpointing, I had a video showing all of my symptoms including the OBVIOUS head gasket replacement form from 2 years ago...
  4. over rev'd car now it has vacuum problems can i get some direction?

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    I was on the freeway in 4th gear at 3 rpms then i down shifted into 2nd and over rev'd my car for a couple of seconds and heard a metal clink like something fell from my car. :sweat: shortly after my check engine light came on and i got a p0171 code. i noticed a loss in power and when idling my...
  5. Cleaning carbon from aluminum parts

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    Does anyone think lacquer thinner from the hardware store can be used to remove carbon from the intake plenum/manifold with those parts off the car? I noticed somewhere I was reading that Berkebile 2 + 2 Gum Cutter is mostly an lacquer thinner type of product. I can't find it anywhere locally...
  6. V6 overheating causes head gasket leaks *(with pictures)*

    Problem Reports
    Hi, I have 160k miles on my 2000 GT. I've had it since Jan 04, 2002 when I turned 17. I joined Club3G soon after that and have been lurking, learning ever since. I've even been to a couple of meets in the Chicago area way back when. It's always been my daily driver car. Ever since there's been...
  7. 6G74 Intake Manifold

    Eclipse Performance
    I was thinking about swapping the intake manifold off a Diamante 3.5L onto my 2001 Spyder GT. The main reason would be to make it easier to access spark plugs, egr, and headers. Has anyone done this? Is it worth the work or even possible? Would i gain any power? Are there any other intake...
  8. Intake manifold and intake plenum

    New Members Forum
    Hi there, just wanna say hi to everyone, new to the forum here. International student from Malaysia currently studying in ASU, Tempe, Arizona. Glad to see a whole community of car lovers! Just got my eclipse a few months back and now I need to change my intake plenum because of a vacuum...
  9. Stock throttle body, upgrade manifolds

    3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    They don't mix without a fix. Period. Here is why. This is the carbon footprint of an intake manifold flanged for the 6g74 throttle body that was run with a stock throttle body. It was pissing air at pressures so low I could not read them on my digital pressure gauge. It fizzled and spat at...
  10. Strange problems with my 3g

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    Ok i don't want to sound like a noob here but i need some help, Ok here is where i start, a few weeks ago, i replaced the intake manifold on my 3g because the part that connects to the throttle body snapped of completely, i was running fine until one day when i was about a quarter tank low on...
  11. 3000gt intake manifold swap question

    Eclipse Performance
    I am currently doing a turbo build on my gt and i want to cut down on some of the complex plumbing. If i put the throttle body on the passenger side of the engine it will make it so that after the air passes through the inter cooler it dosent have to cross the the engine bay or interfere with...
  12. FS: 3.8 UIM, GTS UIM, Maf Sensors, Crank Pulleys

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    moving to one thread
  13. FS: '02 gs Part Out

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    I'm doing a evo 8 head swap so these parts i no longer need. *buyer pays shipping* location: Seattle, wa these parts are off of a 2002 eclipse gs federal spec and most are used. if you're interested in multiple items PM me and i will make good deal 2.4l Cylinder Head (86xxx miles, Runs Great!)...
  14. Took of intake manifold to change spark plugs

    3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    I took off the intake plenum to change out the spark plugs today using a guide I found on club3g. I noticed there was a bunch of grime on the inside of the plenum. What is the best way to remove deposit buildup in my engine? Seafoam? Is it simple to do and does it work? On a side note...
  15. Blown Head Gasket 2.4 tips for others and need advice for myself

    Problem Reports
    2002 Eclipse RS 123,xxx miles Stock except for Air Intake Well, about a week ago the car overheated, i was only 2 blocks from my house so I decided to get it home and take a look... :noway: :facepalm: BAD IDEA!! I noticed about 2 blocks away like I said, it was at about 3/4, by the time i got...
  16. WANTED: Diamante Intake Manifold & TB

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    I have searched for a few hours in my surrounding area up here in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada and apparently 85% of people haven't even heard of a Mitsubishi Diamante. I am looking for a 6g74 Intake Manifold and TB from the Diamante. I have a 01 GT Spyder. If somebody has these parts kicking...
  17. Performance Intake Manifold

    To anyone who can help, hey, i had plans to buy the performance intk manifold that was supplied by RPW. recently i checked there site to see how much they where now runing for and i noticed it was no longer posted. so my question is, does anyone no of another site that makes and sells...
  18. Opinions on EGR and Ported and/or Polished Intake Manifold

    Eclipse Performance
    I've been doing quite a bit of research over the past couple of days, even generally on the internet. My 03 GTS upper and lower intake manifold is out for port and polishing and I have a question about the EGR. As most of us know this system recirculates exhaust gases at cruise to achieve...