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  1. Vehicles & Parts Classifieds
    If anyone has a the complete Evo 8 intercooler piping (Upper and lower Pipes with the couplers) I would be more than happy to take it off of your hands. Stock preferably, but you have an aftermarket kit (injen, AMS, etc) we can possibly work out a deal. Name your price, pictures would be...
  2. GT/GTS
    does an intercooler piping kit include all the nesscary tubing for the entire turbo? if it doesn not where could i get this?
  3. GT/GTS
    ok Ive been searching boards of ways route my FMIC piping without cutting up everything. My FMIC is 6.5'' tall, 27.5 long (without including the end tank there like 2'' long)and the width of the FMIC is 2.2''. should i follow the piping style like rulez or does anybody have a better route to go
  4. GT/GTS
    I took my car to Donny at AAI to have my intercooler piping reworked to include a BOV recirculation. Donny did a fantastic job, I must say. I have never seen someone pay so much attentuon to detail in my life. Donny definitely knows whats up when it comes to fabrication. The BOV recirc is the...
1-4 of 4 Results