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  1. 03 Sebring dashboard to 01 Eclipse GT

    3G Eclipse General Discussion
    Hello Everyone! So recently my original dashboard on my car just gave up on me a month ago and was not salvageable. I tried looking for other Eclipses on the junk yards or 01-02 Stratus/Sebring but they were all broken. I was being desperate since I will need to use my car soon and looked up on...
  2. Question about Headliners

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    Hey all! So this is my first post here on the forum. I've been looking around all over the internet for an answer to this question but I haven't found an answer yet. I have an 04 GS with an all black interior... EXCEPT FOR THE HEADLINER which is an ugly beige-ish gray-ish thing. Is there...
  3. Carpets/Rugs/Mats....?

    3G Eclipse General Discussion
    Does anybody know where i can get some custom Carpets/Rugs/Mats that have Mitsubishi with the logo or eclipse on them, tried searching the web couldn't find much....
  4. What Im looking for

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Ok so here is the thing i need almost a complete interior for my 2002 spyder i want them to be black if anyone has them or knows where to get them it would be greatly appreciated I've included a list of what i need 1X driver door panel 1X passenger door pannel 1X driverside back seat panel 1X...
  5. Orange film in clockpod?

    Car Audio and Electronics
    So I know this has probably been asked before but I've spent the last hour looking on here to find out if the clockpod has some sort of orange film on it? I did the cheap "sharpie" re-color for my radio and the clockpod, but I'm trying to go for all white light now. I noticed that whenever I did...

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Hello all! All prices are obo but to a point:) Visors are in great condition, almost flawless!! but no lights in the mirrors, that was my mistake when i purchased them off a felow member i did not realize this. $20 a peice or $30 for both -trunk liner in great...
  7. FS: 6 Disc OEM Stereo, Fuel Door, Reverse/Turn Lights, Other MISC Interior Parts

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    I went to a junk yard for something and found an 03 GTS and 2 01 Stratus R/T so I figured I'd snatch up a few good items I found to share. The stereo is actually mine and has been sitting in a box for years since I upgraded it. Everything else is from the above mentioned cars. All prices OBO...
  8. Black Clock Pod Cover

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Does anyone have one for sale or can point me to a website that sells for reasonable price?
  9. painting interior panels

    Show and Shine
    My 2001 GS has an all tan interior, and I wanted to change it up a bit and paint some things black to go for like a two-tone black and tan look. I took off the door panels and some other parts to paint. I'm having trouble with the finish, heres what I did: 1) cleaned each part 2) 3 coats of...
  10. FS: Random Interior Pieces & Projector

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Selling a few left over interior parts I have to fund my next project. All prices are o.b.o and all prices stated are shipping-included with-in the USA. All parts were removed from a 2000-RS model eclipse from a salvage yard. 1.) Center Console with silver-tirm vents - $40 NOTE: I think it's...
  11. LED Gauges?

    Car Audio and Electronics
    Im looking to swap out the stock gauge lighting for LED ones. Just wondering how many I need and if they are different sizes or what not. Generally, fill me in on how to do the swap. Thanks!
  12. From oregon wit questions

    New Members Forum
    Ive got an 01 eclipse gt tht i got when i was 16 n have had for 3 years i put it n a ditch last year n finally got everything straight n have it in the shop for finishing the body work n paint.. im getting it painted the top bmw black n having the bottom stay the stock greenish pearlish color...
  13. Help Finding Parts.. n ideass..

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    Ive got an 01 eclipse gt tht i got when i was 16 n have had for 3 years i put it n a ditch last year n finally got everything straight n have it in the shop for finishing the body work n paint.. im getting it painted the top bmw black n having the bottom stay the stock greenish pearlish color...
  14. Need help installing dome light

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    Hey everyone, I would like to start by saying that I've used the search button (a lot) so at least give me a little bit of slack :p. I'm not looking to replace the dome light (rear view mirror in my car) bulbs, but to literally install a new dome light. The car is pretty dark on the inside...
  15. Weird Two Tone Interior Color

    3G Eclipse General Discussion
    Alright, here is a weird question and I can't find any discussions on it. I have an 03 GS that is the white pearl color. The interior is black (or so I thought) w/ cloth black seats. I noticed that a few parts of the interior are a dark navy color: around the instrument cluster, the whole...

    Problem Reports
    Ok so i did they LED (blue) convertion on my clock pod and hvac a few days ago and i have a couple of questions for the clock pod when i turn the car on the clock pod turns on as usual but when i turn the car lights on (headlights and tail's) the light of the clock pod kinda fades a lil bit is...
  17. Interior paint!

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    Hi, :wavey: I wanted to share with all the fellow members of club 3G how my interior came out i painted it my self using Rust-o-leum plastic paint and some clear spray paint to give it a glossy look, since this is my first first time painting something with a can of spray paint i think it came...
  18. Dash/Paint

    Does anyone know how to remove the dash to paint it? An can you just paint it or do you have to do something special to it? I know how to remove the center console. Also how do you remove the clock cover?
  19. Interior Trim Question

    3G Eclipse General Discussion
    I have a question regarding interior trim for the 3g Eclipse. I just bought my '01 GT Spyder and the interior is a bit tired looking. So, I'm looking for some wood interior trim. I saw some sites that advertised Wood Trim Kits for the car, but I wasn't sure if some were better than others. I...
  20. first car, 03 GT

    Members Rides
    NEW PICS AT BOTTOM hey... im new here. im 16. i drive a 2003 eclipse gt, its my first car, got it completely stock in february this year. i (with help from my dad) put everything on over the summer. i drive it everyday, try to keep it clean. i can't wait to make it faster; i have the money just...