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  1. I want to supercharge my 03 v6 GT with RIPP

    New Members Forum
    So I have been hearing about this company RIPP that makes superchargers for my model of eclipse. (2003 Spyder GT 3.0 V6) I hear that boosting this particular engine can be a total nightmare if its done wrong. I also have heard that the 3gs are not really able to be boosted without 10k plus in...
  2. Engine Build for Ripp SDS

    Hey to all, We are currently doing two engine builds for a stage 2&3 ripp kit and I just want some guys that have done this to chime in. What internal did you guys use? Did you returned the brat and black box or did you use a different standalone.
  3. The hardships of building 3g longblock

    3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    I own a 2000 GT, every bolt-on mod there is is already on it. Sick of running 14 seconds (we can all relate) I decided to build my own engine that I can either turbo, or run deep into the RPM's and get some serious power. I went to my junkyard and got hooked up with a rediculously cheap 6g72...