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  1. Problem Reports
    I am installing my lowering springs and the front went very smoothly and I had no problems with but then I got to the rear end and the middle bolt on top that holds together the spring assembly is rusted to the bar from the strut and when I turn the bolt, the whole thing turns. I've tried...
  2. Problem Reports
    Every time I look for information on this car, it seems you guys have the best responses. So I made a profile because I have this annoying issue with my stock car alarm. When I open the driver side door the alarm go's off blinking the headlights. If I go inside the car, and turn the key, the...
  3. Gaming and IT Discussion
    I have been trying to update my ipod touch to the new v4.1 but every time I try it gets about half way done then an error comes up. It says my network connection has ended. My laptop is wireless so I even connected it with a cable but the error still comes up. My roommate even tried the update...
1-3 of 3 Results