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  1. Car Audio and Electronics
    Anyone know how to deprogram all programmed remotes from my car? Thanks
  2. Car Audio and Electronics
    2003 GTS I've spent the last hour looking for the fix for my current problem in past posts and haven't come up with anything useful. Any tips would be appreciated. This is getting really annoying. Had the car for 4 years. Just started to act up. When you push lock on the key fob...
  3. Problem Reports
    So I'm new here and a noob but i was wondering how do I figure out if my 03 GTS Spyder has a stock keyless entry on it or not? I bought it used and I was thinking about buying a keyless remote on EBAY, but i don't want to if it won't even work. Any help is appreciated. thanks
1-3 of 4 Results