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  1. Problem Reports
    Hi everyone, im obviously new to this forum and generally new to eclipses in general. My girlfriend has a 2nd gen RS, and recently I've been working on a 3rd gen GT ( which by the way has been the biggest pain I've ever dealt with). For those who are up for a backstory on the problem, continue...
  2. Problem Reports
    Let me start by saying I've searched to the best of my ability, but if the answer to my question already lies in the forum, please link me to it. Back in October my timing belt got stretched out too much. (3.0L) I went ahead and had my timing belt, water pump, cam seal and distributor replaced...
  3. Problem Reports
    Today when I was coming back home from Wal-Mart I noticed a knocking sound coming from what seemed to be the drivers side, and made the steering wheel kind of knock and the floor as well. The knocking goes away when I hit the gas or the brake pedal even with the slightest amount of force, this...
  4. Problem Reports
    Hey guys I have a 2002 RS and I decided to switch to Mobil 1 10W-30 FUll sythetic last oil change and I took it for its frist run with it to work today and I heard a knocking sound I have not heard before. It was a bit strange because it would come and go. It would go away during full open...
  5. Problem Reports
    Check this youtube video. YouTube - Weird noise coming from engine? Has anyone had similar engine noises? If so what would that be?
  6. Problem Reports
    Ok, I have an 03' Gts. It has 102k on it and has been a great car. The only problem I have ever had with it was a stuck thermostat but I took care of it. The problem I am having is around 2900 to 3500 RPM's I hear a very weird rattling-knocking noise coming from what sounds like the engine or...
1-6 of 7 Results