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  1. Custom Gauge Lighting

    Custom Gauge Lighting

    I noticed a blown bulb in my gauge behind the temp gauge. I made the mistake of removing the bulb while the car was on and I shorted out the wiring. When I plugged the dimmer switch back in none of the gauge lights worked. I panicked and bought new LED strips to install. Before I installed the...
  2. LED Dash Conversion Question

    3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    Before anyone has a fit, i did search everywhere before asking this. Not only on club 3g, but also using google. I recently did the clock pod and HVAC's to blue with the circuit board looking size 74 LED's. I am about to order the LED's for the gauges now. I have searched everywhere trying to...
  3. Clear/colored gauge cluster backing??

    Show and Shine
    Hey there, so I was looking around online bored and i found these clear but colored film backing for the cluster (ya know the white part) and I looked on here for a good half hour with different keywords to see if it has been done before... anyways heres the site its called 2000 - 2005...
  4. LED Gauge Problem

    Problem Reports
    Ok so about a week ago i did the HVAC and clock pod LED conversion and everything turn out ok, since i had the LED bulbs as a gift, i had to order the other bulbs that i didn't have for the gauges from superbright led's page. So i did.. i got them today and decided to put them on the same day, i...

    Problem Reports
    Ok so i did they LED (blue) convertion on my clock pod and hvac a few days ago and i have a couple of questions for the clock pod when i turn the car on the clock pod turns on as usual but when i turn the car lights on (headlights and tail's) the light of the clock pod kinda fades a lil bit is...
  6. Just did clockpod LED conversion - suggestions for those about to venture

    Show and Shine
    Simple, took me 10 minutes. Changed my bulbs to blue, I'll post pictures tomorrow, came out great, slight hotspot in the middle that evened out towards the outside. I used 74-xHP3 from Super Bright LEDs - Miniature Wedge Base Bulbs. Three of them. The hardest part of the whole conversion was...