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  1. IMG_20200221_184636_084.jpg

    My Awesome Lil Sis hooked me up with the interior lights. I love them!
  2. New Members Forum
    ok I know somebody is gonna be pissed because maybe someone has asked this question. but from this site. Miniature Wedge Base Bulbs - Super Bright LEDs i'm not sure which ones will fit because there are so many. i seen the bulb size chart but still there were so many sizes i wasn't sure and want...
  3. Show and Shine
    I have an 01' Spyder that I want to paint the dash this weekend possibly (i.e. clock pod, center/radio bezel, vents and possibly handle bezels) I'm debating between the silver metallic to match the outside and a 3 stage white pearl with some extra galaxy blue pearl to give it a nice flop. I work...
  4. Problem Reports
    So today my new lights came in to replace the speedo gauges so I followed xkape's tutorial on how to do it which is here and did everything as stated the lights I ordered were blue and were from model...
1-4 of 4 Results