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  1. [SOLD] Brand New Stock 3g Headlights

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Hey guys, cleaning out my storage closet and found this brand new set of headlights I bought before I sold my 3g, so here I am. :) I really miss my 3g's lol and hopefully someday I'll have another, but oh well. Back on topic, these are brand new and are literally flawless no scratches or scuffs...
  2. 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse Blinker/Headlight Problem

    New Members Forum
    So I have a 2000 Eclipse GT and I replaced the turn signal switch about five months ago because the headlights were staying on all the time. I thought the problem was fixed until a couple weeks ago when the lights started turning off when I turned my right blinker on. The lights flick back on...
  3. Exterior Light Set

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Exterior Light Set (SOLD) SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! Heya, Have not had one of these cars in years, but I found my old light set in a shed from a long time ago when I swapped them out with aftermarket ones. They need to be cleaned but that is it. Cover cost of shipping and gas and they are yours...
  4. Need help interpreting mess of dash lights, among other problems

    Problem Reports
    Hello, I have a 2003 eclipse GTS and lately I've been getting the brake and battery light flashing on together, and also the TCS and antilock lights. The lights kind of go on and off, seemingly at random, and usually go off when I slow down/stop the car. Other than the lights, everything seemed...
  5. Chrome LED Tail Lights

    Show and Shine
    Does anyone have these style LED tail lights? I'm looking to buy LED tail lights, preferably chrome ones. I came across these on ebay, but I'm not sold on them yet... I would like some opinions on these lights, or if you know of another style/type of LED tail lights please let me know.
  6. 2001 gs aftermarket bumper lights

    Parts Reviews & Opinions
    Hey i am looking for some after market front signal lights for my 2001 gs. I just installed some smoke tinted halo headlights and the amber signal lights do not match. I was looking online but could not find any that are not amber. Please help!!!
  7. depo smoked corners

    Show and Shine
    been trying to find depo smoked corner lights for my 2000 gt. IF any one can help me to where I can buy some it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Lighting problems. Please help

    Problem Reports
    Hello peeps! I have had a problem with my lights (parking and turning lights) as you can see in this video: Mitsubishi Eclipse turning lights problem. - YouTube Sometimes when I turn the key into the ON position my parking lights and turning lights won't work. I have to go back to ACC and then...
  9. Help - 2 Problems, Fans not working nor dash lights

    3G Eclipse General Discussion
    After installing an aftermarket DVD player in my 2001 Eclipse GT, all my interior lights (except the lights on the rear-view mirror) wont turn on; such as my gauge lights (For some weird reason, the cruise light disappears when i turn the headlights on, but it still works), lights for the heat...
  10. WTB: Looking for 03-05 front end

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    I'm looking for the front bumper, bumper light and fogs to a 03-05 eclipse. I have a white 2000 and have always loved the look of the newer eclipse. So I'm hoping some one out there has a bumper laying around in the gurage or shed that they don't want anymore Also looking for ww w-typ front lip...
  11. E37, 37, and 74 bulb?

    New Members Forum
    Ok i changed all the colors in my cluster..i got to my Gear lights (1,2,3,4) and they seem to have an even smaller bulb. Im seeing something called at 37 or E37, what is that? Also how do i get this bulbs out of there socket? they dont seem to be just pulling out like the 74's and 194's. I...
  12. Orange film in clockpod?

    Car Audio and Electronics
    So I know this has probably been asked before but I've spent the last hour looking on here to find out if the clockpod has some sort of orange film on it? I did the cheap "sharpie" re-color for my radio and the clockpod, but I'm trying to go for all white light now. I noticed that whenever I did...
  13. Turn signal problems

    Problem Reports
    Alright well I was connecting my halos to my bumper lights (turn signal lights) by removing the bulb and the socket from the bumper lights and I just stuck the wires in the right spots. I did it with no problem on my right halo and everything was fine. I did the same thing with the other halo...
  14. please help

    New Members Forum
    So im new to this site and hope this is how i post... i had a post up earlier for tailights and recieved an ignorant response I have done alot of research on this site to try to find answers but there are alot of different opinions. I am looking to upgrade my head/tail lights, the website im...
  15. Speedo Gauge Lights Very Dim

    Problem Reports
    So today my new lights came in to replace the speedo gauges so I followed xkape's tutorial on how to do it which is here and did everything as stated the lights I ordered were blue and were from model...
  16. Gauge Cluster burn marks

    Car Audio and Electronics
    I just bought new LED bulbs for my Speedo, Tach, fuel, and temp gauges. I disconnected the Battery and installed everything, then put it back in and reconnected the battery. I turned the new lights on and the dash lights stayed on for about 3 seconds and went out, i smelled an electrical burn...
  17. A Few Problems, If You Don't Mind

    Problem Reports
    Alright, sorry my first post is in the problem reporting thread, but I am at an ends trying to figure this thing out. It seems that my car is spooked by a ghost or something. Anyhow, I actually have 3 problems, but remedying one might help to remedy the second, and I am pretty sure the third is...
  18. Problems with parking lights

    Car Audio and Electronics
    Hi, Today when I turn on the lights of my car (Eclipse 2000 GT) the parking lights and the gauges didn't turn on only the low lights, I already checked the fuse and relay for the parking lights but they are fine! Any ideas??? :mecry2:
  19. turn signal fit '00-02 to '03-05

    New Members Forum
    took it off so people stop calling me a noob because I have no time
  20. Brake Pedal / Light Issues

    Problem Reports
    2003 Eclipse GS 2.4 Auto I am having a weird electrical issue, Whenever I press the brake pedal the clock pod, speedometer, odometer backlighths and the orange turn signal lights all light up. they all shut off and work like normal when my foot is off brake though. I have pulled most of the...