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  1. Problem Reports
    Ok, I just got an 01 eclipse gt, and I know next to nothing about them, but I do have mechanical ability. The car is overheating, and when the cooling fans kick on (At the normal time), they are STUPID loud. Like, they sound broken loud. I've heard these fans are loud to begin with, but im...
  2. Problem Reports
    I have 2002 eclipse RS 5spd that just hit 150,000 miles, she has a 1.5 inch drop ( my husband did it for me over a year ago, I think they are tein but Ill double check) and 3 days ago when I started her up after 3 days of not driving I heard a noise. Before I get into the noise: Ive done oil...
  3. Problem Reports
    --- Long Version --- Hello everyone, I recently (yesterday) had my timing belt changed in my Stratus (2001 SE, 4G64, Auto, ~94k miles) at a local shop. They changed the timing belt and water pump for $450. Everything seemed fine, until I accelerated beyond 2k RPM, at which point I noticed my...
1-3 of 3 Results