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  1. New Members Forum
    I've got a 2001 Gt that seems to want to idle around 1500 rpm. Its setting code p0507... for high idle. To begin... I bought this car non running with blown head-gaskets. Pulled the engine, had the valves machined, new: timing belt, gaskets, water pump, spark plugs, rotor, thermostat, PCV...
  2. Problem Reports
    Before you tell me to "go search," I promise you I have searched and did not find a post like mine. Model: Eclipse GT Year: 2002 Tranny: Manual A little background: I have an injen intake (metal tubing) and while disconnecting the positive terminal to the battery, the ratchet made contact with...
  3. Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    selling kit as a whole for 1700 or if needed we can talk about splitting up this should be everything you need to get started MINUS air management and fittings (4) AVS universal bags made for bag over strut/coil. condition is brand new only had one out to test fit for clearance issues (4 Top &...
  4. Problem Reports
    Okay. I got my 2001 eclipse gt v6 5 speed less than a year ago with 67k miles on it. It now has 76k miles and has an annoying issue. It has an intermittent low idle. I guess ill start here. Whenever I cold start it, it runs perfect. Does the warm up feature when its cold, and works great. Now...
1-4 of 4 Results