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  1. '03 Bagged Eclipse

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    I've been looking at a custom bagged eclipse for sale, and need some opinions on if its a good idea to get. Did i mention it's 1,000 miles away from where i live? It's located in Louisiana, i am in Ohio. $4,500 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT 128,000 Miles Full air ride suspension Intake...
  2. Lowered and SOL

    First, I have searched through these threads, stickies, google, and so on and can't find any answers. I'm hoping I can find some help on here. I lowered my 01 GT 2 inches on lowering springs with stock struts.. I know, I know HUGE mistake, but at the time I was ignorant and didn't do the...
  3. New Member, From Missouri

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    hey im a new member, well this is my second account but i forgot the first one, drive a 2004 Eclipse Gt, Its lowered on D2 full Coilovers with konig laces rims(for now) but i soon hope to snag a set of Work Emotion Cr Ultimates( photos in my album) ill post a teaser pics but all the pictures i...
  4. I need some help asap, please>>

    One of my tires blew up and now I'm on my spare one :mecry2: Just want to get a whole new set, but need help with it from someone experienced. I read the forum about tires with all the info, but since my car is lowered I need some help. And also got a bomber body kit, so my stock wheels look...