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  1. FS: K&N Typhoon Intake

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Unfortunately my eclipse got totaled and I'm parting out what I was able to save. Starting price at $150 willing to ship located in Des Moines, IA for local pickup if interested. This intake is in perfect condition, came off my 2001 eclipse GS everything pictured is included for simple for plug...
  2. Need help! Stuck!

    New Members Forum
    Hey guys I have a problem and I been searching the forums and can't find an answer. 6 months ago I bought a 2001 gt with a bad motor. I replaced the motor and everything was perfect for about 5 months. One day out of now where I went to accelerate and it hesitated, almost like a misfire and then...
  3. 2001 GT High Idle.... And I'm new!

    New Members Forum
    I've got a 2001 Gt that seems to want to idle around 1500 rpm. Its setting code p0507... for high idle. To begin... I bought this car non running with blown head-gaskets. Pulled the engine, had the valves machined, new: timing belt, gaskets, water pump, spark plugs, rotor, thermostat, PCV...
  4. WTB: MAF for 2003 GTS 3.0.

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    I think I need a new MAF for my 2003 GTS 3.0. Anyone got one for sale?
  5. Car doesn't idle!?

    Problem Reports
    Hello evetyone, I have 2001 Mitsubishi eclipse GS 2.4. The car all the sudden stopped idling and shown like five codes all about EGR valve, MAFS, and bad: intake in general. I also found oil leaks on the spark plugs so I changed the MAFS, EGR valve, spark plugs, valve gasket and O'rings. Car...
  6. GM MAF with/without MAFT

    Eclipse Performance
    I'd like to start another thread on this highly debated topic. I think it's time I change to GM MAF metering but (like most people) owning this car made me poor and I don't want to buy the translator. I've read some old posts on evom where people were talking about not needing a MAFT once some...
  7. MAF question

    So I have been reading thread after thread here, and I have a pretty basic question I think. Is the stock MAF able to be used in turbo applications for the V6? I keep looking for pics of what everyone is doing with it, but not having much luck. I am throwing around ideas in my head about what...
  8. FS: Sensors, Switches, Injectors, EGR stuff and Connectors

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    I have a bunch of OEM stuff I've accumulated over the years and it's time to make some room. All parts came from running cars. Prices include shipping and everything is OBO. Payments through paypal only. 3 x Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) All Models - $30 each 2 x MDP sensor MD305600 - $30...
  9. GT MAF

    3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    On my 2000 Gt, can you take the MAF apart and just use the sensor and get rid of the big box? along with all the honeycomb? i wasnt sure if losing the honeycomb piece if that would make the reading different. I just want to get rid of the box.
  10. P0300 Random Misfire

    Problem Reports
    YEAR: 2003 SUBMODEL: GT TRANSMISSION: Sportronic MILES: 94,000 PROBLEM: Car is hesitating/ running rough at idle and while driving after cleaning and oiling CAI. SEL came on and I took it to Autozone for diagnosis. It came back with code P0300, random misfire. I replaced rotor, cap...
  11. maf issue with my ripp S/C kit

    to start i just got the car and dont know a lot about issue is when i drive the car cuts out on acceleration. ive got maf code and #6 missfire code. so where my problem is the ripp kit came with some diode that you put in the maf and a hks afr fuel controller. i know that the maf is bad i...
  12. Using MAP instead of MAF/MAS...

    So I been reading some stuff, and I am just wondering. With our current ECU is it possible to use the Greddy Emanage Ultimate MAP feature. Doing so would eliminate the need for a air flow metter such as a MAS or a MAF and use MAP to tune instead of using the stock MAS or the GM MAF conversion...
  13. Turbo set up blowing through MAS

    I know he has a 4 cyl but i want to make sure everybody reads this. This is very interesting. I thought suck through was the best way but check this out: Sorry for the waste of space :)