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  1. Car has no power after tune up?

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    I have a 2000 GT manual transmission. I just replaced all of the spark plugs, wires, cap & rotor, along with new valve cover gaskets, upper intake manifold gasket, egr tube gasket, and also a new accelerator cable. After completing the work described above I started the car up and it was idling...
  2. Im stuck! lol- Reassembly issue/Looking for schematic

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    Ok so first off, I know my dilemma is something i will forever learn from as I should of labeled everything, not just the beginning. Long story short, I've recently attempted to replace my valve cover gaskets and plugs/wires for my 03 gt which all in all went smoothly. However, im now at the...
  3. Car makes a weird noise in drive but not park

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    Its when im stopped at a light and the car is in drive. I makes a weird noise that comes from the black thing thats beside the valve cover or maybe something in that area of the engine. Its a 2003 eclipse gts automatic. When i put the car in park it stops and idles smooth? Ive changed spark...
  4. New member in northern california

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    What's good everyone. The names Dane and I have a 03 GT with about 114k on it. Just replaced my rotors and pads and now it's time to catch up on some maintenance. I put a lil list together of parts I need but just wasn't sure if I got everything I needed. Is there anything else you could...
  5. New guy from Rancho Santa Margarita, Socal

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    Hi there people! I came across this site, and I must say this is one informative site. Good Job on the people that made the site, and for the people who still are active on it. :) I got a 03 Eclipse GTS, I was wondering, of course i am kinda new at tinkering with the car, I just bought it from...
  6. This everything for the 60k timing belt maintenance?

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    My 02 Spyder GT has reached 67k miles and I really need to get this work done. Dealerships want to charge an arm and a leg for the parts & labor, so I was going to try the work myself, and if it got too difficult, hand it over to the dealership for labor. From searching around, it seems like...