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meth injection

  1. standalone and meth injection

    im getting a standalone system for my stage 2 SDS. i was wondering if the shop i took it to would need to tune in a program for the methanol injection or does that activate on its own. was the methanol controlled by the Black Box?? if so, what do i need to do to get the meth to work without...
  2. RIPP Boost cooler question

    What kind of pump pressure do you guys run on your meth kits? what size nozzle? It is a dual stage right? where it comes on less at start and linear to full spray?
  3. Meth mix ratio

    Woot... Me meth is up and running cool.. I have an air intake temp gauge and it drops waaaayyyy freakin fast when the little meth light goes Just wanted to see which % mixes others have run and what they felt like.. Right now I have 1 to 4 and wanted to see what you guys have run...