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  1. 2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT

    2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT

    I got this 2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT V6 on May 6th 2020. It's both automatic and 4 speed manual. I bought it for 2k with 118k miles on it. Came with the rims and Flow Master exhaust. I have big plans for her. Suggestions?

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Im selling The front pairs of brembos with all 4 Powerslot Rotors(low miles)..In good condition, the brembos might need repainting. Got it from an evo 8 with 62k on it, almost put 1,000 miles on them...YOu will also receive the two rear brembos, but one of them is bad, bleeder screw hole needs...
  3. 02 eclipse gt

    Cars for Sale/Wanted
    I recently bought this. what I want is a 2G. Unless mo one buys this from me. The odm says 99k but the previous owner states it was a motor swap with a 66k one. Of course no paperwork. Right now the ecu is pulled out of it. Planning on getting another. Body is a little rough. I want A trade...
  4. FS: 01 Spyder GT Part-out

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, I have an 01 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GT that I am currently parting-out.:wavey: I will be updating this thread frequently so if theres something you dont see up yet please ask me and I will do my best to promptly dissasemble, price, and post. Feel free to make offers on items not...
  5. Oh My God Like Are You Serious

    Problem Reports
    Okay, I've finally taken it to this forum for help. I got hit by a fucking van the other day, right in the rear left wheel. I find out.. Control arms broken The bolt attaching the control arm (lower) and the steering knuckle snapped. therefore needing a new one. So i'm stuck here, in my...
  6. FS: clean green mitsubishi eclipse

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    hey guys selling my car $4000 in the new england area. its a green 3g eclipse. super clean. need money for college. Clean 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT, Dsm its on craigslist. it would be awesome if you could tell you friends , really need to sell. private message for more info, im willing to...
  7. 2000 Eclipse acceleration problem

    Problem Reports
    I have a completely stock 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT with the 3.0L v6. Recently I bought the car from someone who said it just died on the highway and wouldn't start. After getting it home I looked it over tested the fuel pump and it was fine. Later I found a severed wire going to the crank...
  8. FS: Mitsubishi Valve Cover & Stock Headlights

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  9. New member from Downey, CA

    New Members Forum
    Hi All, New member from Downey, CA here. I drive a 2005 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GTS with 81K+ miles on it. Own it for more than a year now and would like to start building it - adding performance upgrades, visuals, etc., but I don't know a lot about cars. Any suggestions on where I should...
  10. 01 Eclipse GS

    Members Rides
    Here is my 2001 Eclipse GS, nothing done to it. All stock except for the headlights, and the crap spray paint hood (I did not paint this, it was like that when I bought it) [/IMG][/IMG][/IMG]
  11. Car meets/cookouts ect.

    Great Lakes Cruise and meet season is upon us!!!!! If you have any meet or cruise info feel free to post up. We're looking to host quite a few events and cruises to events this year!!! So if this is your scene and you live in or around the Northern IL area...
  12. Rivers Black 03 GS

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    Alright so the story is, my mother bought this car new right off the lot with me back years ago when i was still in my early teenage years. Well not that long ago she decided it was time for a new car and bought a mini cooper. Well i couldn't let the eclipse that i spent almost half of my life...
  13. New kid on the block

    New Members Forum
    Hello everyone: Over the summer I bought a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS (5 speed manual) from some kid that didnt really take care of it. Spent alot to get it back into stock condition (lack of maintenance hurt the vehicle pretty bad). Just started modding the car. Mostly visuals for now but...
  14. 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS!!

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    I have a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS up for sale with a clean title. The car does not start because it sat for about 3 years without it being started. The car was in an accident but nothing bad. I have a full aftermarket body kit and carbon fiber hood to go with the car. It will need to be towed...
  15. Black 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse

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    Car Audio and Electronics
    i want to but all new speakers for my car and a new deck but i dont know what i should get. should i get componet speakers for the front and regualr for the back. i want to unhook the stock amp cause i have to 12" kicker cvrs that i want to hook up. needs some advice im not really trin to go...
  17. what other stock rims fit 3g?

    im starting to get interested in autocross and i don't wanna waste my tires so i was gonna head up to pull a part and grab some wheels and tires. any suggestions as to what other wheels and tires come on other cars that will fit on a 2000 gt? thanks:scratch:
  18. 2002 Eclipse GS Catalytic Converter?

    Problem Reports
    My SES light came on about 3 weeks ago, took it to get the diagnostics ran on it and voila, catalytic converter is going bad. I've looked online at the cats but some say the placement is "rear" and some say nothing at all. Does this mean I have two separate cats or what? If so, how do I figure...
  19. Mitsubishi R/A Optionions

    Other Cars
    The picture below is a new Mitsubishi concept car. The Mitsubishi R/A (Road Alive). It is a 2.2L 4 cylinder with 201 hp 310 ft/lbs torque turbodieseled powered vehicle. Many think that it is going to be the next Eclipse and many are hoping due to the overall rep of the 3g and 4g eclipse (however...