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  1. 3G Eclipse General Discussion
    I have a 2003 mitsubishi eclipse GTS and recently decided to engine swap it from my current v6 to a 6g75 non mivec engine but i was wondering what other parts (besides the engine bc i already have it) i would need to swap it into my car
  2. 3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    As there are a lot of people looking into a swap for the 3.8, i want to update and better explain the swap. REQUIRED PARTS LIST: 6G74 Fuel Rails & 6G72/4 Fuel pressure regulator (Modify Fuel Rail Mount Tabs for MIVEC Lower Intake) 6G72 Crankshaft Position Sensor w/Reluctor wheel 6G72...
  3. Eclipse Performance
    To start, it's really late and i'm extremely tired. So I've purchased an amazing project from 3g_bishi. He has already done some amazing work and sold me a functioning 3.8 swap eclipse so I cheated my way out of a lot of very hard work. Look him up. Find his swap. Recognize awesomeness. My...
  4. Members Rides
    Figured it has been a long time so I would put together a quick project thread over here. I have been getting asked about this by so many people and have been getting tons of positive feedback about it. In 2014 I began the big project of converting from the stock 3.0L 6G72 engine to the 3.8L...
  5. New Members Forum
    Hello 3G nation! I have been following 3G forums for the 2 years I have had my Eclipse, so I figured it was about that time that I open an account. I am doing a 6G75 Mivec swap into my 01 Eclipse within the next month, but being that I am not really technical with many car components, I know all...
  6. New Members Forum
    Hello, everyone, I'm new here. I recently bought an 03 Eclipse GTS 5spd and I plan to engine swap in the future to a 6g75 MIVEC. So, would have a better variety of cat backs to buy once I engine swap than I would with my current stock engine? Because I really would like to get some performance...
1-6 of 6 Results