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  1. Problem Reports
    I am sure that somewhere in this forum there is a DIY on removing the cubby light above the ashtray... but I can't find it. So with the risk of sounding super stupid, can some one show me with "Barney language" or pictures of how do I remove that one little bulb under the radio? 2003 GTS...
  2. National Forum
    Factory MOD 2012 This fall, come to Normal, Illinois and join us for Factory MOD - Mitsubishi Owners Day 2012 held at the Mitsubishi Motors Factory. There will be enthusiastic owners and fans joined together to share their passion for all things Mitsubishi! There will be food and drinks, music...
  3. Texas
    Mark your calendars for July 24th, MOD 2010 is coming to North TX. Show and Shine, Food, Activities for all ages, prizes, and a lot of fun. Check it out: M.O.D.
  4. Show and Shine
    hi i just got my second 3g and im planning on putting lots of work into this one but i dont want to make any costly mistakes i plan to do engine work as well as body so my question is which to do first im going to be putting on a body kit but im also going to be adding a turbo if i do...
  5. Meet Photos
    Mitsubishi Owners Day 2008 California Since alot of you arnt registered to socal3g, I decided to put in the time and gather all the photos taken (around 400+ pictures) for you guys to see. All the pictures can be found at my photobucket Photobucket Album AzN-SoLjA Mitsubishi Owners Day 2008...
1-5 of 7 Results