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  1. Stock 03 GTS Engine, Need Only Real Mods

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    I just recently bought my 03 eclipse back in 2015 and i'm tryna find out what are some real modifications i can do to the engine. Im not tryna rice it out with a simple air filter unless it adds power lol. Any mods would be great. The engine is completely stock btw.
  2. 2003 Eclipse gt performance mods

    Eclipse Performance
    i know this question has probably been asked a million times, i have read and done my research for months and have found some decent info on performance mods for the 3g gt and all the link for the parts are either discontinued or the link is dead etc or the info is outdated, im just wondering...
  3. Decisions, Decisions, and More Decisions.

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    So just decided to make a list of what is done on my car, and what I plan on doing and see if y'all have some ideas of your own or just opinions in general:yesway: Current mods: Front end lowered (Don't know what kit) Injen CAI Custom headers Exhaust Rims & Tires Tinted Headlights Future Mods...
  4. 2001 GS - Stock - What should I do with it??

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    Hey Guys, Im brand spankin new to the forum, just finally decided to join today... So feel free to give me crap or point me in the right direction if I sound retarded or am doing something wrong. So I have a 2001 GS, its a manual, completely stock other than the AEM cold air intake I just put...
  5. New to Club 3G

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    Hey, just wanted to introduce myself to Club 3G. My name is David. Just bought a 2001 Eclipse Spyder GT 5 speed. All stock but very well maintained. My previous car was a 2000 Honda Civic EX (auto) so it was a pretty good upgrade in my case. I'm somewhat disappointed to find that there is a...
  6. Schmidtys 01 eclipse

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    When I first got it. [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] Now. Mod list: Exterior Painted black dual halos Night-shaded turns, tails and reverse Painted Red Calipers Debadged V6 emblems Color matched fuel door Color matched rear pillar strip Interior 7 inch jensen vm9215bt Two 10 inch MTX Blue...
  7. My 2000 Eclipse GT progress

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    The day I bought the car, 10/8/2011 Little bit of angle pix My first cold air intake I was a real piece of shit that made my CEL come on from sucking in extra air at the breather tube Got a better cold air intake that I happen to love the colors of much more than chrome...
  8. Starting some mods

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    I want to start doing some mods to my Eclipse. I need some advice as to where to start. Things I want to do: New Rims Smoked out tail lights Black Badges New Clutch New Stereo and Speakers New Head Lights Where do you guys suggest I start? Thanks
  9. Bates 2003 GTS

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    over the last 5 years ive done what i could afford to her. but now that i just got promoted and shes paid off i cant wait to buy some new toys. AND i want to say i'm sorry i do not have better pictures i'm currently Deployed right now. Interior: 7" in dash touch screen blue dash gauges...
  10. performance chip for 03 gts 3.0 v6

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    now before i get started i just wanted to say, i am aware that the term "chip" may not refer to an actual chip, but may be a program you can plug into your car and alter the signals being sent from the ECU. my question is, for an 03 gts 3.0 v6, is there any point in buying a chip, if so what...
  11. new guy looking for help

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    How's it goin everyone, I am pretty new to this site and have a few questions about it, any advice will be greatly appreciated. I am wondering if this club has any get togethers that involve drives, shows, etc around Oceanside and san Diego area, also, does anyone know how to get your car...
  12. Been searching the site but still need help...

    Parts Reviews & Opinions
    Alright so i just bought a 2000 eclipse gt fully stock, 50k miles, owned by a old ass lady traded into a dealer, they were asking 8k and got it for 6...Nothing wrong except the typical 2000 overheating shit which the dealership took care of for free because of the NYS Lemon Law... Alright anyway...
  13. where to start with my eclipse :/

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    hey ive got a 2003 mitusbishi eclipse spyder and im looking for some sugestions on how to make it faster.. its an automatic transmition :/ basicaly i need maximum horse power posible out of each part put in but idk what or where to start :/ HELLLPPP
  14. What To Do?

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    How's It Going All? I am coming to the user's of Club3G for input. I have seen some of the Mildly Sickest Eclipse's and some of the most Insanely Sick Eclipse's on here. Being in the Marine Corps is one of the most thankless Jobs I have ever seen, i dont make much. Situation: Car - 2003...
  15. 00 GT In The Works

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    Hello everyone, I'm new to Club3g my friend told me about it he used to go on it when he had his eclipse before he sold it:(. So i have a Black 2000 GT 5Spd i bought it a few months ago and im working on getting it to what i think is my perfect 3G. A Few But Current Mods: Dual Halo Heads New...
  16. problems/ideas with my '01 eclipse GT. Advice?

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    Hey, just joined the forum, lots of good info. just had a few questions about my eclipse. its a '01 GT, automatic with the "premium" package first off, there are a few things that I'd like to fix/upgrade. any help on what order I should do them in or what price i would expect to pay would be...