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  1. New Members Forum
    Simply put I am pretty new to both the world of cars and the forums dedicated to them. I got my 2001 GT eclipse about a 2 months ago, and after some initial buyers remorse due to some rash thinking, have begun to love my car more and more. I joined up because I am hoping to find knowledge here...
  2. New Members Forum
    :cheers: What's up everyone? I am new here and new to owning a 3G. I am from Southern Utah. I just picked up an 01 GT that's been used and very abused. I am hoping to turn her around and making her as beautiful as some of the ones I've seen here. I'll post pics asap. Thank you and I look...
  3. New Members Forum
    Hello everyone! Just to get right into this I'm new to this site and also to the 3G eclipse. At first I didn't want the car I was 17 and my parents bought the car with my money without me knowing. But the car has grown on me and I'm in love with it. Here is the so far story. When I first got...
  4. New Members Forum
    Hey! Glad to see there is such a large community for these cars! I am new to cars in general, so please forgive my ignorance for awhile. Well, I drive a 2001 Stratus R/T coupe. I fell in love with it when I first saw it about a year ago. My plan was never to do any sort of build with it, until I...
  5. 4G Eclipse General Discussion
  6. New Members Forum
    Hey folks, So I've been lurking around here for a few months and I've picked up some great info. I'm glad this community exists. I hope you don't mind that I've got the rebadged Dodge Stratus version of the 3G, but hey, we're practically cousins. I know there's a forum for the 2G Stratus but...
  7. Members Rides
    Hey guys! My name is Chapin (or Cudi) and im from a small town in Iowa. Im a senior in High School, and cars have always been what i love. I really love drawing and cars so i hope to move on and become an industrial designer. I currently work as a detailer at a local shop, so i get to clean...
  8. New Members Forum
    Hey all I'm Jamie and I'm new here. I got referred here since I'm on aka tgc. I love all cars especially Mitsubishis. The 3Gs are great and practically same as the 8g Galant. I hope to see all different rides and maybe even get some ideas for my own. Thanks for reading this
  9. New Members Forum
    Just wondering.... Which headlights do you guys think are the best? still new to Club3G :wavey:
  10. New Members Forum
    Just purchased myself a 2001 Eclipse GT 5 Speed. Added some photos to the album. Car is bone stock, thinking about going with silver and black look. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Just thought I'd put myself out there in the community :)
  11. New Members Forum
    I just recently purchased a 2005 Eclipse and I don't know much about modding. I was thinking of taking my first step with Head Lights and Tail Lights. Then maybe an exhaust and/or a cold air intake. Do you guys have any suggestions for Tail Lights.( I hear TYC's are good but they don't make...
  12. New Members Forum
    Hows it goin everyone, stuck in NC but i finally have my car after a year of schooling. Ive had my GT since Dec 08, so far my mods consist of stereo, nothin special, Alpine in-dash and kicker 6 1/2's and 6x9's (im still looking for tweeters and a clockpod 4 1/2). For the next 4 years i have a...
  13. New Members Forum
    hey club3g fans i am new to the site i am a driver of a 2000 eclipse and needing help with the site and how everything here works thanks for yalls help
  14. New Members Forum
    this probably sounds really retarded but whatev... I just bought a 2000 eclipse GT 5 spd from a used dealer the other day. It runs great and everything works well. I don't know much about mitsubishi's because ive always owned hondas and acuras. My question is, are they pretty reliable? Mine...
  15. New Members Forum
    I just wanted to let everyone know im new here and so far the site looks great. Im looking for some new friends, maybe in my area?? the 805.......
1-15 of 16 Results