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  1. Nitrous: 50 Wet Shot? Is it safe?

    I've been searching for 45 minutes and I couldn't find anything besides talk about turbos and SCs. I have a 2002 Eclipse GT (6g72) and I want to know what the "safe" range for nitrous is. I won't even think of dry shot because I don't want to deal with fuel compensation issues. My engine is...
  2. Best RPM and TPS wire splicing locations?

    3G Eclipse RS/GS Specific
    Hi guys, I've searched and searched until I had a headache from searching lol. Alas, I've discovered that most people that insall NO2 kits here have a 6G72. I have an automatic/tiptronic 2000 GS 4G64, and would like it if someone can help me find out the best place for me to tap into an RPM...
  3. What are your takes on NO2 (46g4)

    New Members Forum
    I've been lurking on this forum for a while, here is my first post. I've read some threads on NO2, but what are your personal opinions on running wet NO2 kit on a stock 4g64? Do you think that it's just a "poor man's boost"? As everyone knows our 4G64 can handle up to 15psi of boost, assuming...
  4. Zakk Zyphire's 01 Ricer(Lots Of Pics)

    Members Rides
    Soo I've been on here for a while and it just occurred to me to make a "build log" of my eclipse I started working on. Ill keep it updated as often as I can and Id love to hear opinions and suggestions. Short background story: Im 19, Own 2 3g eclipses(one my project car and one my beater) I...
  5. Nitrous

    Why does nitrous seem to be not very popular with you guys? I personally love my zex kit. Just seems to me most over look it. Yes filling the bottle up kinda sucks but unless your using it everyday or got a big shot its not too bad. Can't be cause our cars don't like it cause mine loves it!
  6. Nitrous on a 190K motor ?

    Alright, I may catch a significant amount of shlt for this, but I have a 2000 sporty GT with 195,000 miles. Always runs good, never any problems. Toying with the idea of a 50 shot.... Opinions ?
  7. looking for some insight for a nitrous system

    i have a dry kit thats been ready to go in my car for quite some time now. it is a NOS brand dry kit with a 038(i think) mechanical solenoid and a 042 "pill". i have contacted holley and they have in formed me this kit should make around 75ish whp in my car. however i have recently begun...
  8. Is this safe or smart?

    I have a 2000 eclipse gs with around 147,000 miles. I want some more power out of my engine so I was considering nitrous. Is this possible to do on stock internals or will i blow my engine?
  9. safe to add nitrous?

    hey guys im thinking about swaping for a 6g74 engine with 41,000 miles into my 3g. It will be completly stock except for a walbro fuel pump. I will be using a zex wet kit 50 shot with purge heater blowdown and window switch so will it be safe to add. also i have an auto trans with the...
  10. My Nitrous setup

    I Got a zex 55-75shot dry shot kit and i also picked up the zex maximizer kit along with a purge kit and the problem im running in to is i wanted to adjust the timing like stated in the directions and well i guess i cant unless going with ecu flash but can you run the 65-75 shot without...
  11. Nitrous vs. Turbo!! ... vs. EMS

    I apologize if there have been thousands of threads like this. But I'm new to the site and am totally confused. Anyway, I drive a 2001 Mitsubishi Ecplipse Spyder GT. I've lowered 1 1/4", slapped on a catback, and got shinier mirrors. I'm in the process of installing an Injen CAI. However I have...
  12. FS: SC-Customs/HIJACKER's Promo Car (Oct 2006 COTM)

    Cars for Sale/Wanted
    I'm selling the SC-Customs Supercharged Promotional Vehicle. This vehicle has 28,600 original miles, has never seen a drop of rain or any inclimate weather, and has been parked in a climate controlled environment. This vehicle is a total 1 off product and is completely custom. Professionally...
  13. Spraying the 6G74?

    Didnt feel like cluttering up "the 6G74" thread so i wanted to throw this out there.. anyone doing it? compared to the cost of boosting the 3G it looks like 350whp could be easily obtained with a simple push of a button. ive turbo'd some hondas in my day but never messed with juice so maybe...
  14. My nitrous set up

    Well it seems like I'm finally gonna be getting some time to do this project so i figured i would start kind of like a project log thread. Any comments or questions are welcome (positive or negative feedback) I was going to get my ECU flashed but i figured i'll just install the nitrous since i...
  15. FS: ZEX wet kit with extras

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    FS: ZEX DRY kit with extras I have a full on nitrous kit including three different sized shot nozzles, A-pillar 2 gauge pod, bottle warmer, remote bottle opener, NOS purge valve and more!!! There's even still gas in the tank! $500+shipping You guys know that just the warmer and the remote...
  16. Dyno Numbers for my Nitroused GT

    I dynoed my car for a Dyno Day at a local shop. I threw in my 100 shot jets, and made some pretty good numbers. 262 Horsepower 304 lb-ft of Torque My Setup: -AEM Short Ram Intake -Proflow Bored Throttle Body -Diamante Intake Manifold -Ripp Long Tube Headers -CATCO Catalytic Convertor -HKS...
  17. Venom VCN-500 Reclusive Nitrous System

    Has anyone ever run or is currently running this system? Im only looking for a mild nitrous system and I found this kit. Can anyone give any feedback on the kit?
  18. window switch add on

    alright so i just recently purchased a ZEX dry nitrous kit and i plan on running a 55 shot with it. from what ive read the safest way to run nitrous is with a WOT switch (which zex has built in) and a window switch (which the kit does NOT have) so i was wondering if i purchase a window switch...
  19. nitrous....

    alright everyone... i have a 05' eclipse gts and i was wondering how would my car handle a 50 shot of nitrous on all stock motor, all i really have is a simple intake and exhuast... thanks, pete
  20. ZEX Dry Kit Install

    Hey, I'll be installing my ZEX kit soon and have a couple of questions that could best be answered with pics, but anything would do. I have consulted the How-To in the Garage forum, however, I want to really dot my i's and cross my t's on this. I'd like to get some ideas of where you...