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  1. Cranks but doesn't run

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    For the past month my GT has been running rough (spitting, sputtering, terrible gas mileage, exhaust smell, running rich, black smoke out tailpipe). I mean it was barely getting me to work. I'd have to play with the clutch and accelerator anytime I got into traffic just to keep it from dying on...
  2. Not Staying on After Head Gaskets

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    Hey everyone so I recently bought an 03 GTS that needed head gaskets and a couple other things. Long story short I have it all back together now and I go to turn it on it stutters and dies after about a second. Checked the codes and its throwing a bank 2 sensor 1 02 code buts that's because I...
  3. car cranks but no start. help please

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    2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS w/manual trans 126,000 miles About a month ago my battery grounded out on my hood and my wiring harness cooked. I replaced the wiring harness with a used one out of the same year and same model car from the engine all the way to the computer mounted behind the dash...
  4. 02 Eclipse GT No Crank No start (Very unique problems)

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    I know there are a few threads out there with the same problems (sort of), but mine has a few unique traits. So first, when I try to start the car, nothing happens. No crank, nothing, I only SOMETIMES hear the starter solenoid clicking. I wanted to take the starter off and have somewhere test...
  5. Cranks but no start

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    Hello All, This is my first post, so for the hundreds of others that have gone before me thank you for the assistance! I have a 2003 eclipse spider gs that will turn over and crank but will not start on most occasions. When it will not start, it does have spark and will fire and run when...
  6. Starting trouble & belt squeak?

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    Hey guys, I've posted here a couple of times now looking for help with my 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT. This time I was smart enough to record the noises it makes when it won't start and hopefully you guys can give me a little bit of help! Video 1: Won't turn on - YouTube Now, at first I was...
  7. Diagnosing problems '01 Eclipse GT

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    I have a 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT and it ran mint when I bought it at 146k miles. It's now at 148k and the Maine winter is here. The problem I'm having is the car doesn't want to turn on sometimes. The heat takes a long time to start heating up, and even when it does it's a warm; not hot like...
  8. Turn key and nothing happens!

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    Well this issue has me scratching my head. :rant: :rant: :rant: I just recently got my car back from the dealership after having $1,800 dollars worth of work done. this worked included.... New throttle body new distributor new crank sensor new ignition switch Ok so after that being said i...
  9. No Crank But Clicking?

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    I just recently bought a 2002 Eclipse Gt, we had to replace the instrument gauge cluster, and the clock pod is broken. We also had to remove the gas tank to clean it because it was vandalized and get a new battery. My question is why it wont crank. We have power to everything, but we when go...