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  1. RS/GS
    I have been trying to find out where is the best place to run my oil feed line to my t3/t4 journal bearing turbo. I have read people say to run it from oil filter housing, head, and also ive read to run it through a T-fitting from the stock oil pressure sensor. The sensor is at the back of the...
  2. GT/GTS
    I was wondering how many of you guys are using the stock oil filter housing for the oil feed line? I'm thinking about using a VR4 housing since it comes with 2 holes in it already (one for the feed line, the other for the tranny cooler), though it maybe simpler to just use the stock one. Any...
  3. GT/GTS
    Where does the oil supply line go. On the top and it drains down to the bottom and back into the pan, or does it go on the bottom of the supercharger and over flow down to the pan?
  4. GT/GTS
    I just bought a ddp turbo kit for my car. The guy who i bought it from said its better to tap the oil feed/return line onto oil filter housing, i thought it had to go to the oil pan. need opinions on this cause he confused me. also, where should i run the antifreeze line from the turbo to.
1-4 of 4 Results