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  1. Resolved Issues
    I reload 4 times and keeps sending me to the offline fourms
  2. Problem Reports
    Hey all, I have a 2003 eclipse 3.0L Suddenly the car started leaking coolant and now it's leaking oil. I stopped driving it cuz I didn't have time to deal with the problem. That was about a month ago. Noticed a large pool of what appears to be oil and coolant mix on the ground all around the...
  3. Problem Reports
    I noticed one of my spark plug tubes was leaking oil inside so i went and bought new saprk plug tube seals. I took off the valve cover and easily removed the old seals but when i went to press in the new ones, they just wouldnt go in. Does anyone know if this can be done at home? Do i need to...
  4. Maintenance
    Got lifter tick? More often than not it's caused simply by dirt. It is rare than you'll find a broken lifter but it happens, bleeding them will reveal the problem in either case. Things needed: Standard Metric socket set Torque wrench Magnet on a flexstick or thin needle nose pliers Roll of...
  5. New Members Forum
    Im doing a transmission flush and I dont know how much oil ill need to buy. How much transmission fluid does a 02 eclipse gs take? Thanks a lot for the help everybody!:)
  6. 3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    Ever wonder how the oil pump works? Well here ya go. Aluminum housed, crank driven, very simple. 6 screws hold in the backing plate. A pair of gears. No bearings, no nothing. Just a pair of gears. The oil pickup hooked up here. You can see where the oil enters and is pulled into the...
  7. Problem Reports
    Greetings, For awhile I have had a strong oil burning smell (even into the cab) and have had to add oil regularly (roughly a quart or more). Has anyone had this problem and what was the solution? I also wanted to know if it is the ream main seal, how many hours does it take to repair?
  8. Problem Reports
    I was checking my fluid levels last night and ran across this. It looks like a sensor on the trans that isn't hooked up. I see no spare cables/connectors to hook it up either. What is it? Do I need it? Yes, I know my engine bay is dirty. I see a lot of oil residue under/on the side of the front...
  9. Problem Reports
    Hey guys, hopefully someone can help me on this. I did search for the similar problem but have not found any forum that helps so I am posting this. I completely understand about the whole search thing because trust me that annoys me as well. This is my very first post in club3g so hurray!
  10. Problem Reports
    Hey guys, so last month I started to get a cylinder 3 misfire code. changed the plugs, but when i changed em I noticed lots of oil on spark plugs from cylinders 1,4,3. Cylinder 3 coincidentally had so much oil when i looked at the plug it looked like oil may have been flooding the plug...
  11. New Members Forum
    sup everyone, does anyone know where the input is to an oil gauge on the engine and a transmission gauge input on the transmission thanks in adavnce. i tried looking it up in the forums and nothing was helpful.
  12. Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    I have a custom made clock pod gauge. It will still need some fabrication to make it look perfect, but it does look great in place of the clock. I bought it a year a go and never installed it, didn't have the time. Made out of think black plastic polyurathane. Includes three gauges with it...
  13. GT/GTS "Finally, no special shutdown procedure is required with superchargers.Because they are not lubricated by engine oil, they can be shut down normally.Turbochargers must idle for about 30 seconds or so prior to shutdown so the lubricating oil has a...
  14. GT/GTS
    I'm driving along on the freeway and give my car some gas (3.0 sds stage 3 (20psi)). I smell oil when I lay off of her and when I get home I pop the hood and see oil all over my engine bay. Just in the driver's side. All the lines for the sds and pump and dry. It seems like it came from over...
  15. GT/GTS
    its been a long time since i have been on here.. but ive been stage three for a prolly 3 years and ive always used castrol 10. 30. wanting to switch to synthetic?? what do you guys run?? thanks
  16. GT/GTS
    Well my question is straight to the point, I am wondering how to fix a turbo if it is blowing oil. Would I need to replace the housing, or the oil lines or is it something totally different, or would I be able to ignore this and run boost reliably with this happening? I ask this because I am...
  17. GT/GTS
    i just got my new engine (7k miles) and am going to hook up the sds. my question is when can i change over to synthetic oil? i've heard i have to wait until the engine is completely broken in. . but i'm not sure how many miles it takes. also, do i have to brake in the sds with conventional oil...
  18. GT/GTS
    I just spoke to Angelo about a few things I had concerns about with my new SDS'd car, one of them being the strange rattling/clacking coming from the blower. He said this is NOT the normal supercharger break-in sound, then he asked me what type of oil I used. When I told him Mobil-One, he told...
1-18 of 18 Results