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  1. Overheated now there are problems 03 GS

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    Hi everyone I am new to this forum and just bought my second eclipse. 2003 GS manual with just basic bolt ons, nothing major. The motor was rebuilt 6000 miles ago. I know enough about cars to do a lot of my own stuff I just need direction. Problem: Last night I was cruising at 75. Then noticed...
  2. iv got 99 problems but cranking is #1

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    solved! iv got 99 problems but cranking is #1 solved issue. timing belt off one tooth after inspection. corrected. waiting for update if it runs now. 2000 eclipse. gs model. when I got the car I replaced: a fuel injector egr valve vacuum solonoid...
  3. cooling system problems

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    new radiator cap new thermostat flushed radiator and block drove for few hours with flush then flushed again. have checked freshly changed oil looks great, not milky, stick looks good also. lower hose not as hot as upper hose indicating poor circulation. NO LEAKS that i can see in motor when...
  4. 2001 GT Overheating While Stopped

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    2001 Eclipse GT. Last summer I had an overheating problem while climbing in desert areas (i.e. outside temps above 100F). Changing the thermostat and flushing the radiator fixed that. In the past week my car has developed a NEW overheating problem :rant: I've noticed in heavy stop-n-go traffic...

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    I have a 2001 Eclipse GT 3.0, 5 speed. Overheats, but usually only if its moving. Won't overheat idling usually. NEW thermostat, radiator and hoses. I have next to no heat, runs at a normal temp for about 15 minutes of driving AFTER its already at operating temp. If I start it cold, and...
  6. Water Temperature

    I recently moved my temp gauge to monitor the water instead of oil. I was wondering what others are seeing as normal operating temps, for comparison. So far I have gathered that "normal" is between 90-100 celcius. 100C seems to be the halfway point on the stock gauge, which I have also learned...