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  1. 2004 Eclipes 3.0 Sport Spyder MAF Issue- HELP..

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    Hello YA, I have the aforementioned car. Convertible. It's the V6. I'm getting a P0102 Mass air flow code. It pops up RIGHT after a OBD clear. The car runs very well. I Cleaned the MAF sensor and put in a new filter. The fuel trims are dead on 0. Very nice. However, I can't get the...
  2. P0102

    Today RICK03 and I got together and did some datalogs on his car. He is running a DDP kit on an 03 GTS. His car is throwing a P0102, which is volume air flow sensor volts low. My pocket logger is showing NO air flow in lbs/min. Also, his SAFC II Karmen reading is staying at 0 or 3 hz. From...