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  1. Hello need help

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    Hey guys so I recently bought a 2k gt from my brother in law for dirt cheap. It wouldn't turn on and since it had been sitting in the sun the paint went bad. We just put a new alternator and problem fixed, but then I got to the fun part... P0300. I did some research and some said to clean the...
  2. Need help naming this part, hopefully fixes my idle (p0300) issues

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    So I have the dreaded p0300 code and have done basically what other members have done to try and fix it. While searching in my engine and the threads for a solution I came across a wire that seems to have tore apart and was wondering if this may be the reason for my idle problems. My car's idle...
  3. P0300 Random Misfire

    Problem Reports
    YEAR: 2003 SUBMODEL: GT TRANSMISSION: Sportronic MILES: 94,000 PROBLEM: Car is hesitating/ running rough at idle and while driving after cleaning and oiling CAI. SEL came on and I took it to Autozone for diagnosis. It came back with code P0300, random misfire. I replaced rotor, cap...