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  1. DTE Dode P0401 EGR

    Problem Reports
    2003 Eclipse Spyder GTS. 5 Spd Man 3.0 V6 Im pulling a P0401 Code saying exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow Insufficient Detected. Anyone have any advice on this ?? Just replaced all of the 02 sensors. Thnx in advance
  2. EGR Solenoid

    Problem Reports
    Hi everyone! I'm coming from my 2g Talon Tsi and am still learning this new v6 engine - I just got her. She threw a p0401 on the way bringing her home; the egr itself is cleaned, and before I go and take things apart for carbon checking/cleaning further - I read the aftermarket Solenoid...
  3. Tacoma Lakewood area I NEED HELP

    ya so i just picked up a 2001 gt but i need help figuring out a egr problem on it so it can pass emissions and i can get it registered and on the road. if any1 in this area can help me out i got decent skills at taking shit apart but i have no clue were anything realy is on this car so any help...