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  1. Stickerbomb thoughts :dunno:

    3G Eclipse General Discussion
    I realize right off the bat if you're old school you're not gonna like this. Truth be told I have one really ugly paint job, and quotes I have around here for a new one from companies is anywhere from 1500-2500$. That's more than I paid for the car, so I'm looking at alternatives, main one I've...
  2. New to Club 3G names Brett whats up everybody

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    Hey everyone whats up I have had my 3g for about 2 yrs and love it.Its a 2.4l 2003 all black assulted eclipse.looking to find out more about aftermarket parts to transform my daily driver into a show stopper.nice little tricks and tips would be great.So far I have painted my valve cover and my...
  3. Three Color scheme?

    New Members Forum
    So I've been trying to do a color scheme with my car to see if it will work. I know in general most three color schemes aren't very good/don't gel well together. I have a dark gray 03 gt and I wanted to do a black, gray, and red color scheme. The base color of the car will be the only thing that...
  4. Need help with paint. 01 Eclipse GS (W69)

    3G Eclipse General Discussion
    Hello! i have a 2001 eclipse gs painted in dover white. The car has a few rust spots on her, minor but i am looking to repair the rust and repaint over it. Im looking for the best paint for the job from a reliable site. preferably a kit with base coat, primer, clear coat, you get the idea. I am...
  5. Wax and Polish Recommendations

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    Hello, I was hoping that I could get some personal recommendations about a good wax and sealing combination for my black Spyder. It is a 2003 and obviously now there are a few minor scratches in the clear coat that appear to be white but are not major, but I know it is there and I would like to...
  6. Purchased the '03 Spyder GTS

    New Members Forum
    So the dealer didn't finance so I put a $1,500 deposit until the rest of the money came in which will be within 2 weeks, so I can't take her home but she's technically mine. Here's a list of everything that I could notice about the car, and I'm wondering what I can do about it. P.S. It's an '03...
  7. Flat Black Wrap

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    I apologize in advance if this is a redundant post. I searched but no avail. Has anyone done a Flat Black or Matte Black wrap for their 3G? I just got my first one. 03 Eclipse RS. I'm just about to finish school and already landed my first job so I really needed a car. Got this at a great...
  8. Owner with some stupid questions

    New Members Forum
    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum, I drive a 2003 Eclipse GS and was wondering if anyone could answer a few questions. 1. How much should a paint job cost? 2. My eclipse has a black exterior with a red and black interior. The front seats are seat covers and the rear are painted leather seats...
  9. Painted my stock GT rims. Thoughts?

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    My set of stock rims came complete with the most awful curb rash I have ever seen, and so I decided that I would make an attempt at finishing them a darker colour. I wire wheeled them down to bare metal, and sprayed 3 coats of filler primer. I sanded with a light grit sandpaper until they were...
  10. HELP Eclipse Dump Truck Side Swipe

    3G Eclipse General Discussion
    Folks, New - just signed up to hopefully get some advice. I have a 2002 Silver MitsuEclipse GS - Within the last 6 hours, I was side swiped by a gigantic tired dump truck. I have side (tire) marks in the plastic behind the rear left wheel, a few scratches across the paint, and a small dent...
  11. painting interior panels

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    My 2001 GS has an all tan interior, and I wanted to change it up a bit and paint some things black to go for like a two-tone black and tan look. I took off the door panels and some other parts to paint. I'm having trouble with the finish, heres what I did: 1) cleaned each part 2) 3 coats of...
  12. Color Change, please.

    Photoshop Requests / Tests
    Hi guys, i have a 2003 Eclipse GT. Im leaving for the military in June and when i get back im painting my car. Im looking to have someone Photoshop it a "Subaru blue ". And have black 19's preferably 5 spoke. With a black hood. Sorry if thats alot to ask, i have no idea how to do the photoshop...
  13. Good Paint in Oregon

    Does anyone know a good place to get my car painted in Oregon? And how much they charge? No Maaco! :)
  14. Interior paint!

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    Hi, :wavey: I wanted to share with all the fellow members of club 3G how my interior came out i painted it my self using Rust-o-leum plastic paint and some clear spray paint to give it a glossy look, since this is my first first time painting something with a can of spray paint i think it came...
  15. Steel blue two tone?

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    I have. 2000 gt, and want to change the look of it. Would black, or like silver loom better my accent colors. I already have some black such as the taillights, emblems. Would a two tone paint job look good? Such as the top half black and leave the bottom steel blue? Let me know what you think...
  16. custom stock rims

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    i just PS this cause i would like to make it, so tell me what do u guys think?? should i try to make it?? and what color should i use for the rims?? (sorry my english is kind of short) STOCK PS LINES ERASED BROZE COLOR
  17. FS: D2D Conv, Vfiber Rear Bumper, Clutch, PR Paint

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Well I bought a few things and stuff kind of didn't work out for what I had planned so I am trying to sell a few things, like most of the club. VFiber BMX (Blazer2) Style Rear Bumper - $100 + Shipping Came to me in pretty rough condition so I'd recommend someone who prefers to do their own work...
  18. Painted My Wheels And Brakes. Pics inside

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  19. Paint shop says something very strange!

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    I've been trolling this board for a while, but yet, can't find anything on this issue. I went to Maaco today to get an estimate on their signature paint series, just trying to keep the same color (black). The guy said "I want to be a good guy. You may get some orange peel, so keep about $250...