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  1. Problem Reports
    03GTS, 5SPD, AEM V2 intake Car just got out of the shop for cyl 3&5 P0300 so there was a lot of unburnt exhaust going through the rear exhaust. So I have afore mentioned code. Using my scanner it shows B1S1 .08-.1V B1S2 .12-.48V B2S1 .06-.1V B2S2 ~.66V So in theory, the rear bank downstream...
  2. Problem Reports
    Hello! The engine light in my 2000 eclipse gs (2.4L) is on, the codes are PO403 and PO421, I need help on how to fix it please pictures would be great!!..I need to pass the emission!!:eek3:
1-2 of 2 Results