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  1. How do you adjust headlights?

    Problem Reports
    I've searched and didn't find anything relevant to my question. How do you adjust the projectors on the dual halo headlights??? I've looked all over the headlights and can not find anything. MUCH HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED. Thanks
  2. Projector Housings/HID

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    I am seriously considering buying new projector housings for my 2003 Eclipse but I had a few questions that I was hoping that somebody could answer before I spend the money on a set. First off, can anybody recommend a decent set of projector housings in the general area of $200 or less...
  3. HID Projector Headlights and Smoked LED Tail Lights

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    I'm wanting to change my headlights in my 01 GT Spyder. It currently has an HID kit installed with the stock headlights. I want to stay with the HID but also have projector Halo headlights. I'm also wanting to find some smoked LED Tail lights. Any suggestions as to style, type or websites to...
  4. FS: Random Interior Pieces & Projector

    Automotive For Sale / Wanted
    Selling a few left over interior parts I have to fund my next project. All prices are o.b.o and all prices stated are shipping-included with-in the USA. All parts were removed from a 2000-RS model eclipse from a salvage yard. 1.) Center Console with silver-tirm vents - $40 NOTE: I think it's...
  5. 4G Projector/Halo Aftermarket Headlamp Troubleshooting

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    Howdy guys, checked through the forum for possible troubleshooting but couldn't find anything recent. I was in a frontal accident, resulting in allowing me to opt for aftermarket headlamps for my 2008 Eclipse. They installed fine, the leveling however is very off. I know that lighting in these...
  6. Headlights differnt on the spyder?

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    I'm trying to buy headlights on dashzracing that said they will fit in eclipses, but would that fit in the spyder model? I did a rough measurement on my spyder and it seemed to be the same size as a reg. eclipse. Thanks
  7. Dual halo single or dual beam

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    I just ordered the dual halo projector headlights and want to buy an hid kit for it. I found the kit I want to buy but it comes in single beam or dual beam both normal or 55watt. Which would look best with my new headlights. Here's a link to the dual halos I got. 2000-2005 Eclispe Dual Halo...
  8. did some searching on here..

    3G Eclipse General Discussion
    hey guys, im looking to buy the projector headlights with the black on black housing for my 2002 patriot red RS. My mom has projectors on her car and I can actually see at night as compared to my stock headlights. I did some looking around on here and found a patriot red with the black...

    New Members Forum
    Hello people, I currently have halogen projector depo headlights and really want to retrofit the not so good projectors for some valeos. I think I pretty know how to do this project. The only thing that I'm not sure of is the wiring as far as getting both the hids and the original depo...