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  1. Problem Reports
    Hey everybody, I know this is my second problem this week, I just don't have the money to take my car in. I have a 2000 GT sporty, which again, has been sitting for 6 months. I put in a new starter, and battery, so it starts now, but it makes a grinding/rattling/ticking sound which you can find...
  2. Problem Reports
    Ok, I have an 03' Gts. It has 102k on it and has been a great car. The only problem I have ever had with it was a stuck thermostat but I took care of it. The problem I am having is around 2900 to 3500 RPM's I hear a very weird rattling-knocking noise coming from what sounds like the engine or...
  3. Problem Reports
    yesterday as i pulled in to work i started hearing this, squeaking/rattling sound from the passenger-side wheel area. haven't had any time to pull anything apart yet but i think it may be the cv axle. i thought usually that made a popping sound too (it did in the POS honda i had before). all...
1-3 of 3 Results