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  1. New Member Introductions
    I am getting ready to purchase a 2001 Eclipse GT. There are metal shavings in the engine but this is not a big deal because i am purchasing this car as a project car and plan to rebuild the engine. Can anyone reccomend a good after market for cams, turbo kits, etc other than andy's auto sport?
  2. 3G Eclipse RS/GS Specific
    I searched on this forum but can not find a engine rebuild guide on this forum.... can someone point me to a rebuild guide ...if its on youtube video it would be better for me.
  3. Problem Reports
    I have a 2000 GT that i was to bring back to life and i need a little help understand what might be wrong with it. The Transmission wont move until i get to like 5K rpm and even then is just drags along...its a Pain in the ass to pull it in and out of the garage even. I went out and bought an...
  4. 3G Eclipse General Discussion
    Really hoping someone can help me out. Bought an 03 Eclipse GS 5-speed with a blown head gasket really cheap. Upon repairing, I decided to check out the rings since the car was run hot. They were fried along with the sides of the pistons. Went to a salvage yard to pick up a set of pistons to...
  5. 3G Eclipse GT/GTS Specific
    So about a year ago I hydro locked my engine on my way to work. I am a Marine Corps Drill Instructor so I have not really had time until now to work on the engine. I have been looking at some rebuild kits on and the have two that will fit an engine with a code of 6G32. Will this...
  6. Problem Reports
    00 Eclipse 6g72 engine rebuild, having some troubles... This is my setup: 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT v6 (6g72) Pauter Forged H-rod rods Wiseco Pistons (custom comp. ration for supercharger going in this winter) SI Performance Valves Stock Cams & Crank Neology Wires & Plugs Megan Racing Headers...
1-6 of 8 Results