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  1. 3G Eclipse General Discussion
    Just got my new Spyder! Loving it so far! Named her Widow. Can't wait to start learning how to work on her!
  2. Members Rides
    My Project Car :sweat:
  3. Members Rides
    Hey guys! My name is Chapin (or Cudi) and im from a small town in Iowa. Im a senior in High School, and cars have always been what i love. I really love drawing and cars so i hope to move on and become an industrial designer. I currently work as a detailer at a local shop, so i get to clean...
  4. New Member Introductions
    So as of recently, I'm the owner of an 02 GT. It's super dope! But it's got some problems... some I won't mention because I searched em and found em, but there's a couple- -The sunroof cover is broken. It looks like it used to be two pieces? that slid? but now they're seperated. I can slide...
  5. Vehicles & Parts Classifieds
    Instead of re writing everything in my ad I'm just gonna post a link to my ad.I also want to add that it has a brand new clutch in it.its so new its not even in yet! But really, I just bought a new clutch for it and it will be in it tommorow. Tons of maintenance done to it.has the common...
  6. Members Rides
    ;) Just purchsed this car a month ago. I have some pictures before I made any mods to it. I will post them when I'm off work. Check out my profile; I have some pictures there. Chainy ---- Edit: I posted some pictures now. Below I will post pictures of me putting on the Sonars and the K&N...
  7. Members Rides
    SOLD as of 4/6/11 Mod List: Exterior -Smoked Helix turn signals(Clear lens) -Tinted reverse lights -Tinted 1st Gen Chrome TYC Tail lights -Tinted third brake light -Tinted windows -Gloss Black painted bumper inserts -Gloss Black painted fuel door -Gloss Black painted wiper cowl -CF Vinyl...
  8. New Member Introductions
    I will be changing the tails real soon to a better set. I did the emblems myself. I put plenty of work into the looks of the car since I bought it last week and will be continuing to do so for a while.:) Everything on the car besides the exhaust system, tails, and rims, are stock...
  9. New Member Introductions
    Heres a New picture of my car, cleaner and in better lighting. Still not as clean as others but working on it. Need to get a real digital camera and not my cell phone.
1-9 of 9 Results